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New Unique Wing Chun Wall Bags and Iron Palm Bag

Everything Wing Chun recently released their latest line of wall bags (sand bags), and introduced their first Iron Palm bag (with leather or synthetic leather striking surface), which is getting rave reviews!

Check out these unique bags: Head Bag, Skinny Bag, Chin Bag, Cut Diamond, and 5-section wall bag.

We also released some new 1-section bags, including an all black bag. The 3-section bags also got updated.

There are now a lot of options to choose from – all of them are great, so if you have trouble picking one just email us for advice! Read Full Post

Buick Yip Chow Wood Poles

"Chow" Wood is a good quality wood for long poles, as it is strong and straight. These poles are nearly identical to the Qwan Din wood poles, except they are a bit less oily. In order for the poles to be made straight and not warp, the wood needs to be dry, and dry wood is more prone to crack or splinter under heavy impact. However, if you take care of your pole and do not beat it unnecessarily hard, it will last you a long time. Read Full Post

Sifu Niko’s Complete 11 Wing Tsun DVD Set

Sifu Niko has released his 11 DVD set covering the entire Leung Ting system on Everything Wing Chun.

These well-made DVDs are in German, but English speakers can still follow-along easily.

These are the first Wing Tsun-teaching-DVDs on the market to show thoroughly and clearly the full system. Sifu Niko professionally demonstrates Wing Tsun techniques in a detailed and easily understandable way.

These DVDs are equally well suited for both beginners and instructors!
– For the beginner for self-study.
– For instructors as the basis for their teaching. Read Full Post

New! Buick Yip & EWC – Leather Wallbag v3

Based on the “Everything Wing Chun Ultimate Wall Bag” design, these new wall bags from Buick Yip are top of the line! This bag is 100% high-quality leather on the outside, with an extra canvas lining on the inside to help protect the leather from wear. The top has a velcro closure. The metal plate on the top reads “Wing Chun” in the Chinese fashion.

FREE SHIPPING – The bag ships directly from Buick in Hong Kong.  Shipping is always by Air Mail and free to anywhere in the world. Read Full Post