New! Buick Yip & EWC – Leather Wallbag v3

New! Buick Yip & EWC – Leather Wallbag v3

Based on the “Everything Wing Chun Ultimate Wall Bag” design, these new wall bags from Buick Yip are top of the line! This bag is 100% high-quality leather on the outside, with an extra canvas lining on the inside to help protect the leather from wear. The top has a velcro closure. The metal plate on the top reads “Wing Chun” in the Chinese fashion.

FREE SHIPPING – The bag ships directly from Buick in Hong Kong.  Shipping is always by Air Mail and free to anywhere in the world.

Bag Dimensions:
– Fill Area is 30cm by 30cm when empty (about 11.81 x 11.81 inches).
– Overall approx 12 inches wide by 13 tall.

Grab one of these limited edition bags today!

Wall Bag Features (see descriptions below for more details):
Description: This Bag: Other Bags:
Version of bag Version 3
Number of sections One One
Main striking surface Nappa Leather (High quality 1.5-1.8mm!) Canvas
Heavy duty construction Yes No
High quality zippers N/A – Velcro Closure No
Zipper at top of compartment N/A – Velcro Closure No
Protective zipper flap N/A – Velcro Closure No – Rare
Extra-wide mouth Yes No
Reinforced seams Yes No – Sometimes
Double layered striking surface Yes No
Double sided Yes No
Extra striking surface on rear No – Single layer of leather only on rear No
One piece bottom Yes No
Traditional “Wing Chun” text Yes – metal plaque No – Sometimes
Heavy duty grommets N/A – uses D-rings No
Heavy duty D-rings Yes No
Short straps Yes No – Sometimes
Weight distribution bar N/A N/A

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