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Review – Chu Shong Tin – 2004 Seminar

The history of Wing Chun continues to be documented, evolve, and written with a greater preservation of accounts and moments with today’s technological resources. None are more important to the martial arts realm than that of videos of patriarchs and figureheads that are/were historical ties to significant moments in the history of their respective art. Such is the case in having an opportunity to see one of Ip Man’s first generation of acclaimed students, who was a contributing individual in the propagation of the system’s successes from its earliest days to present, namely the late Sifu Chu Shong Tin. This video installment is one of the last recordings of the “King of Siu Nim Tau” in which his 50 years of learning, experience and teaching are shared with an abundance of detail and passion. Read Full Post

Review – Chu Shong Tin’s 2003 Seminar

This DVD came to me in a clear plastic box and features a DVD-R of a seminar given by Chu Shong Tin, which took place on August 24, 2003. The lack of a proper cover may disappoint the consumer looking for a nice title to add to his collection, but the Wing Chun purist will be more than happy with what is actually on the disc itself. [EWC Admin Note: Since this was written the DVD started shipping in a full DVD case, so the comments about the plastic cases no longer hold true.] This title focuses on the Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu forms with the last programme focusing on Chi Sao. Read Full Post

Review – Chu Shong Tin’s Ving Tsun Kuen DVD

What It’s About:

Master Chu presents a discussion and demonstration of the three forms of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Bil Jee. He also provides a demonstration of the Mook Jong set and the Dragon Pole forms both with applications.


This DVD is similar to the instructional seminar series conducted in Sidney Australia. However, there are differences in content and explanatory narrative. If you speak Cantonese, you shouldn’t have any problems in understanding what is said and demonstrated. If you have attended the seminars in Australia, or purchased the Master Chu Shong Tin, Wing Chun seminar series from “Everything Wing Chun,” it shouldn’t be a problem for you either. If you’re a beginning Wing Chun student, however, this DVD perhaps would not be the best option for you. Read Full Post

Review – Chu Shong Tin’s 2004 Wing Chun Seminar

What It’s About

Master Chu presents a discussion and demonstration of the three forms of Wing Chun Kung Fu and the practice of Chi Sao.


Master Chu, in this seminar talks about all three forms of the Wing Chun system, again he plays particular attention to Siu Nim Tao and how it relates to the other two forms, Chum Kiu and Bil Jee. Students in this seminar ask Chu questions about various aspects related to each form and their personal practice in Wing Chun. Read Full Post

Review – Chu Shong Tin’s 2003 Wing Chun Seminars

What It’s About:

This DVD provides lecture materials and practical demonstrations of the basic principles of Siu Nim Tao Chum Kiu and Chi Sao practice.


Master Chu presents a thorough presentation on the historical aspects of the development of Wing Chun. The novice and experienced practitioner in other styles of Wing Chun Kung Fu will discover how and why this system is really an internal system and not necessarily the hard style promoted today by most present-day schools. You might be surprised to find out why the Buddhist Nun Mg Moy created the Wing Chun System, in the first place. Read Full Post

Review – Chu Shong Tin’s 1999 Seminar

What It’s About:

The basics of Wing Chun’s Siu Nim Tao and Chi Sau, are discussed and presented by Master Chu Shong Tin.


Master Chun presents the fundamentals essential in learning and establishing skill in Wing Chun Kung Fu. In this seminar series as well as in all of the other instructional DVDs he has been featured in, Chu emphasizes how important the first form is in developing effective skill in the more advanced forms of the Wing Chun system. He outlines briefly in this seminar, the three basic stages of development from Siu Nim Tao to Bil Jee. The first stage in the practice, is where you establish your fundamental structure in the form, the Second Stage is how you move and direct your body mass toward the other persons center line and the Third stage is when you have integrated the principles of the Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu and are able to project the full destructive force of Bil Jee applications. Read Full Post

Review – Chu Shong Tin’s 1998 Wing Chun Seminar 3 Disk Set

This review covers all 3 disks in the set (all 9 hours of recorded footage).

What Disk 1 is About:

This DVD presents an in depth demonstration and discussion regarding the principles of Wing Chun’s first form, Siu Nim Tao.

Comments on Disk 1:

Master Chu, specifically in part 1, devotes his attention to Siu Nim Tao, Wing Chun’s first form. As in his previous series on Wing Chun basics he gives considerable amount of time to talking about and demonstrating the importance it has in building a sound foundation in Wing Chun. He describes the three levels of training from the stance to moving. Those who are knowledgeable about Wing Chun knows what is meant about centerline theory in this system…the benefit of the form’s structure and how the notion of focus and circular motion relates to this form. Many martial artists outside of the Wing Chun practice regard this martial art system as strictly linear…while in principle it is not. Master Chu demonstrates this basic principle of circle motion inherent in the Siu Nim Tao form through example and the use of simple props. Read Full Post