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Review – Chu Shong Tin – 2004 Seminar

Review – Chu Shong Tin – 2004 Seminar

The history of Wing Chun continues to be documented, evolve, and written with a greater preservation of accounts and moments with today’s technological resources. None are more important to the martial arts realm than that of videos of patriarchs and figureheads that are/were historical ties to significant moments in the history of their respective art. Such is the case in having an opportunity to see one of Ip Man’s first generation of acclaimed students, who was a contributing individual in the propagation of the system’s successes from its earliest days to present, namely the late Sifu Chu Shong Tin. This video installment is one of the last recordings of the “King of Siu Nim Tau” in which his 50 years of learning, experience and teaching are shared with an abundance of detail and passion.

Consistent with the simple efficiency that Wing Chun encourages of the practitioner and execution, this seminar volume is without extensive animations delving right into the content of Sifu Chu maximizing the total run time with content with the aid of a translator. “The three forms have a direct relationship with each other… (while they) have their own essence,” opens the address, setting the subject matter tone as to how each form is complementary to the other in one’s understanding and practice in a cyclical manner.

Sifu Chu’s reputation for being a classy and magnanimous individual are on display engaging the attending audience’s questions openly, jovially and with direct interaction with the individual posing the topical question. His comprehension of the concepts and mechanics of the Siu Nim Tau shine through, reinforcing both his bestowed royal title with the effectiveness that his refined wisdom has translated to in application. The appropriate amount of time is offered in exploring these foundation-building attributes with the due diligence needed to unlock one’s understanding and potential of the system to obtain optimal results.

With the first disc covering the fundamental concepts, structures, and mechanics within, the viewer is immediately treated to footage of Sifu Chu Shong Tin energetically interacting with seminar attendees in Chi Sau, setting the stage for disc two’s content focus. At 71 years of age at the time of filming, his consistent decrees that Wing Chun complements aging while contributing to consistent health and vigor are on full display. One individual after another attempt in various ways to find means to execute their actions with the late Master, all without success.

The method of information sharing is reminiscent of what many have accounted as being “Hong Kong Style” where information is imparted to reinforce and emphasize the importance of sound fundamentals, which is designed to activate the potential that the system is notorious for in practice and application versus a formatted series of specific drills in which one person plays one action and the other executes a predetermined response. The sound message being conveyed is that one must be alive and responsive to all possibilities, as was the starting point of his hands on demonstration with different body types, energies and skill sets in the mix.

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Review - WBVTS - Chu Shong Tin - 2004 Seminar

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