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Guide to Teak Wooden Dummies

teak wooden dummy

The “best” wood for wooden dummies varies from practitioner to practitioner and lineage to lineage. Since Ip Man’s time, Teak has been one of the most popular types of wood for Mook Jong’s. There is no single reason why many practitioners prefer it, but it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and resilient types of wood you can get your “sticky hands” on.  Given teak’s natural oils, it is able with withstand various weather conditions with out splitting like most other wood when humidity changes rapidly. Read Full Post

How to Use The Wing Chun Ring

This article is an excerpt from Tyler Rea’s Jook Wan Huen Bamboo Ring Article: The Devil is in the Details Part 5, which you can download by clicking the link. The Jook Wan Huen is trained in 2 primary ring positions, one with the arms inserted parallel to each other in the ring. The other with the arms polarized in alternating positions. For easier reading the Jook Wan Heun or Bamboo Ring/Hoop will be abbreviated to simply the JWR throughout the rest of the article. Read Full Post

Three Perspectives Of The Wooden Dummy

The original purpose of this article was to document the differences in a handful of Wing Chun lineage’s Wooden Dummy form.  However, what I quickly learned was that this is not an easy task in a written format… And I feel it would be unfair to say that ALL Wing Chun people from XZY lineage do such and such.

The reason I bring this up is that I am quickly discovering that many high level Wing Chun people are often influenced by more than one person. For example, I believe that most WC practitioners can agree that Ip Man learned from, and was influenced by, Chan Wah Shun and Leung Bik in some shape or form.

Rather than a comparison of three different lineages, we thought it would better represent the art if we shared three different perspectives of the mok yan jong.  We asked these three well known teachers, “What can you learn from the dummy?”

Below is some of the information I collected:

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