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Review – Ian Protheroe’s DVD, The Wing Chun Fighting System

What it’s about: Ivan Protheroe presents his interpretation of Wing Chun as a fighting system and its combative techniques. Sifu Protheroe is also a life member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association which was established by…

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Review – William Cheung’s Street Fight DVD 2 – No Rules Rumble

What it’s about: Sifu Eric Orem continues with his interview of Master William Cheung’s street fight exploits and his demonstration of Wing Chun applications for fight situations where there are no rules. Comments: Master Cheung talks…

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Review – William Cheung’s Street Fight DVD 3 – Muay Thai Melee

What it’s about:  This DVD is the last of a three volume series about street fighting applications of Wing Chun system. In this edition discussion and the application of Wing Chun methods of attack and defense…

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Review – William Cheung’s Street Fight DVD 1 – Choy Li Fut

What it’s about: In this three volume DVD series Master William Cheung and his assistant Sifu Eric Orem present the street applications of Wing Chun technique against three popular systems of martial art. This DVD demonstrates…

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Review – William Cheung’s Wing Chun Kung Fu DVD 2

What it’s about: The second DVD of this five volume set focuses on the third form of the Wing Chun fighting system. The third form is known as “Thrusting fingers” or “Flying fingers” by many practitioners.…

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