Review – Sunny Tang – Gong Sau (From VTM’s IWS Vol 11)

Review – Sunny Tang – Gong Sau (From VTM’s IWS Vol 11)

It is clear from the outset of this “download only” video that it is another sub-standard, seminar footage offering. The video and sound are very poor and this is stated on the website before you purchase, which is a good thing otherwise you could be very disappointed.

So, what about the content itself? To start things off, Sunny Tang gives a quick introduction to his student Jeffrey Chan who in turn goes on to give a description of what Gong Sau actually is. Gong Sau, according to Mr. Chan is physical combat with no protection that usually takes place between practitioners of different styles, mainly to find out whose Gung Fu is the best. It has also been used in the past to settle arguments. Sunny then explains that Gong Sau is not sparring, and is completely unlike training with a compliant friend as your “friend” is unlikely to hit you back. This gets a huge round of applause!

The poor sound makes most of this lecture very hard to concentrate on but there is some good information here if you can tolerant this. They go on to explain that some people learn Siu Nim Tau in a month, then a month later Cham Kiu and a month later Biu Jee, and then wonder why after only a few months training they cannot fight. This is all very well but we do not need an hour long video to tell us this. There is barely no action or demonstrations on this video so if you are looking for instruction, you will not find it here.

Unfortunately, it is pretty much the same throughout the rest of the video, although there are some good fighting tips regarding correct distance, timing and speed, but it is not enough really. It wouldn’t be so bad if this was one hour of the highlights, but it seems that this was the whole seminar.

The seminar finishes up with a questions and answer session, but this is a bit pointless really as most of the questions asked relate to Self-Defence and not Fighting (Gong Sau), which is what Sunny and his student have spent the last hour explaining.

Clearly, this is one for fans of Sunny Tang or collectors of the Moy Yat lineage and I’m sure with some patience they will get some use out of it. But for me it was just too much hard work, mainly due to the poor sound (at one point the spectators are louder then the speakers!) and sloppy editing. It’s a pity because I’m sure Sunny Tang and his student has lots to say and know what they are talking about. I just wish I could hear what they were saying.

International Workshop Series Vol. 11 – Sunny Tang: Gong Sau
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Running Time: Approx. 66 min.
Format: NTSC
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Number of Discs: 1
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Review by: James Woodcock

WCI Review - Sunny Tang Gong Sao

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