Interview(s) on Kung Fu Tea

Interview(s) on Kung Fu Tea


Hi guys – check out Aaron’s interview on Kung Fu Tea.

From the intro: When discussing the Chinese martial arts, there is a tendency to focus obsessively on their distant roots and ancient origins.  One of the things that I have always found interesting about Wing Chun is that its more recent history is equally fascinating.  In 1900 only a handful of individuals practiced the style, today it is one of the most popular Chinese martial arts and can be found around the globe.  This is all the more surprising as many other Chinese martial arts have not fared so well in the transnational marketplace.

What about today?  What sorts of trends do we currently see in the global Wing Chun community?  Where is the art headed next? Aaron Cantrell has his finger on the pulse of the Wing Chun clan, and he has agreed to sit down and discuss what he has seen with Kung Fu Tea:

Here is the second interview – this time on Wooden Dummies:

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