Review – Alan Orr – 01: Fundamental Skills I

Review – Alan Orr – 01: Fundamental Skills I

Alan Orr is a pioneer in using Wing Chun in realistic fighting scenarios. His Iron Wolves MMA team use the concepts of Wing Chun along with grappling to great success. This DVD focuses on the basics of the Chu Sau Lei system and is fully endorsed by Alan’s Sifu and regular WCI columnist Dr. Robert Chu.

So, what is Body Structure Sparring? As Alan explains in the opening of the DVD, Body Structure Sparring is all about understanding power and control, which in turn will allow you to develop your natural sensitivity to a higher level when under pressure.

The DVD continues with an introduction to the Chu Sau Lei concept of Wing Chun, which includes the use of keywords or mental methods, which allow the student not to get bogged down in technique-based ideas.

Understanding Stance Structures (Bai Jong positions) is the first chapter and focuses on giving a concise and sound reason why other styles, such as boxing and grappling have inherent weaknesses in the way they use their structure. In boxing, there is too much use of the shoulder leaving them weak from the side and in grappling the low position of the head can leave you open to striking. This, it seems, is mainly due to the rules of the sport. Alan then goes on to demonstrate how this problem is tackled in the Chu Sau Lei system by using a neutral stance. This 50/50 stance is explained in detail to enable the student to fully grasp the concept.

Power Lines is up next, with an in depth breakdown on how to issue and also store power from the same position by using the hips and your bodyweight. This is good stuff and clearly Alan has a passion for proving his methods actually works, and he actively encourages you to go and try it yourself. It is all delivered in a clear and uncluttered way.

Next, Alan and his student show us their method of Close Range Structure Control, or Jip Fa (linking) and Tuen Fa (delinking). This section is all about cultivating the ability to switch the muscles on when receiving pressure and off when that pressure is released. Again, this is shown using simple to follow drills and exercises.

There are many other sections on this DVD such as, Defending and Attacking Base, Body Structure Turning, plus a superb section on Close Range Kicking. I guess my only gripe with this DVD would be the lack of a chapter list, which would have enabled the viewer to dip in and out of the sections. I cannot recommend this series of DVDs enough.

Alan Orr – DVD 1: Fundamental Skills I – The Key to Controlling Your Opponent
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Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 42 min.
Format: NTSC/PAL
Region: 0
Number of Discs: 1
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Review by: James Woodcock

WCI Review - Orr BSS1

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