Review of Sam Chan’s Chum Kiu DVD

Review of Sam Chan’s Chum Kiu DVD

This is by far my favorite and definitely one of Sifu Sam Chan’s finest works yet on the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. In this volume all of the core movements of Wing Chun are covered in great detail. From basic punching, kicking and footwork to Chi Sau drills and training on the wooden dummy, nothing was held back when making this video. The Chum Kiu form is personally demonstrated by Sifu Chan himself and the Chi Sau segments feature Sifu Chan and his advanced level instructors. How Sifu Chan was able to put so much info into one fifty minute video is beyond me. I highly recommend this video for students at all levels of skill in the fighting art of Wing Chun.

Technical Review:

  • DVD Length: 50 Minutes
  • Display: NTSC
  • Region: 0
  • Type: DVD
  • Language: English (No Subtitles)
  • Video Quality: High (Professional Production)
  • Audio Quality: High (Professional Production)

Content Review:

1. Introduction

2. Footwork

  • Turning and Shifting
  • Stepping
  • Partner Drills

3. Chum Kiu Level Basic Techniques

  • Chain Punch
  • Turning Punch
  • Turn Around Punch
  • Stepping Forward and Backward Punch
  • Diagonal Step Punch
  • Kan Sau & Quan Sau
  • Stepping Kan Sau
  • Stepping Quan Sau
  • Turning Tan Sau and Punch
  • Turning Kan Sau and Punch
  • Side Fak Sau
  • Upward Fak Sau
  • Pyk Jern
  • Stepping Kan Sau and Punch

4. Chum Kiu Form (Front View)

5. Chum Kiu Form (Side View)

6. Chum Kiu Form (Section by Section)
The Chum Kiu as taught by Sifu Chan and the International Wing Chun Martial Arts Association (IWCMAA) is divided into five sections to aid the student in learning.

  • Section One (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Two (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Three (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Four (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Five (Movements and Theory)

7. Bridging Techniques

  • Biu Sau
  • Fak Sau
  • Pak Sau
  • Lap Sau and Fak Sau
  • Tan Da
  • Biu Lap Da
  • Bon, Tan, Fook Sau
  • Kan, Huen, Pak Sau, and Dyk Jeung
  • Jut, Quan, Pak, and Fak Sau
  • Jut Sau, Lan Sua, and Kup Jern
  • Fak, Pak Sau, and Punch

8. Eight Wing Chun Kicks

  • Biu Gerk (Thrusting Kick)
  • Tay Gerk (Lifting Kick)
  • Jut Sun Tsui (side Kick)
  • Chai Gerk (Stomping Kick)
  • Soo Gerk (Sweeping Kick)
  • Dung Gerk (Extend Kick)
  • Huen Gerk (Circular Sweep)
  • Tep Sun Gerk (Close Body Kick)

9. Kicking Drills (“Bak Gerk”; Practicing Kicks on the Wooden Dummy)

  • Jut Sun Tsui
  • Dung Gerk
  • Tep Sun Gerk
  • Biu Gerk
  • Chai Gerk
  • Huen Gerk
  • Soo Gerk
  • Tay Gerk

10. Two Handed Chi Sau Drills

  • Jut Sau and Chun Chui (Punch)
  • Tan Sau and Chun Chui
  • Jut Sau and Wen Jeung
  • Tan Sau Wen Jeung
  • Lap Sau / Fak Sau
  • Lap Sau Punch
  • Lap Sau and Dyk Jeung
  • Rolling and Switching
  • Pak Sau and Punch

Review by: Todd Taganashi
DVD Bought on: Everything Wing Chun
This DVD is also available for download on Everything Wing Chun Instant Access

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