Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection

Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection

As someone who is a Wing Chun fanatic, I am always looking for good DVDs about Wing Chun Chi Sau.  Which is why I decided to get the Sifu Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection. He breaks down Chi Sau in a really clear and easy to understand format.  He speaks to you like you are a normal person, taking you a long step by step.  He also wears different color wristbands to help you determine what is going on.

What section did I like the best?

sifu chuckOne of the exercises he taught was a Dan Chi Sau drill. If you are new to Wing Chun, Dan in Chinese means “one” or “single.”   Unlike more advance drills, this means the drill is done with only one hand. It should go without saying how important this drill is to someone just starting Chi Sau, you stand there and grind out the mechanics of what is going on.

What I really liked was in the second half of this drill is that he taught a Dan Chi Sau sequence where you got to move around.  I really liked this part because it gives you a chance to practice a completely difference level of hand sensitivity as well as your footwork.

If you get the full set, you will learn more advance Chi Sau drills. Again, Sifu Chuck sifu chuckexplains all techniques and concepts very clearly.  A great DVD to watch if you are struggling with Chi Sau or if you want to gain a better understanding of sensitivity drills.

Who Should Watch This DVD?

If you are just starting Chi Sau, this is a great DVD to start out with.  Sifu Chuck is a really good teacher and very easy to follow.  This is probably one of the few DVDs out there taught by a native English speaker who really takes the time to explain every little detail.

How is the quality of the DVD?

The quality is really good, filming is great and they use  a tripod so the camera doesn’t move all over the place.   The audio quality is also really good, lots of other DVD videos I have watched in the past have really poor sound…

Would I recommend it?

Yes. It’s a good DVD to watch if you are new or returning to Chi Sau.  From what I understand Sifu Chuck teaches Kung Fu for a living, giving him lots of experience explaining Wing Chun concepts. He clearly has a very strong understanding of what students need to work on and knows how to express it in a way any newbie any can understand.

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