Review – Benny Meng’s Luk Dim Boon Kwan DVD

Review – Benny Meng’s Luk Dim Boon Kwan DVD

Customer George Hernandez is has written an in-depth review of Benny Meng’s longpole DVD. If you are thinking about purchasing this DVD, then you might be interested in his comments. As always – customer reviews are just that, and the opinions of one customer.

This instructional video is organized into several sections to facilitate understanding of the concepts and applications of the Long Pole Form. Master Meng, first establishes, what the meaning of the long pole sequence, is in reality, meaning that it can differ from teacher to teacher, as well as the execution of techniques. Instruction begins with an overview of the basics, empty hand, single hand and double hand exercises. (Kueng Dong). Sifu explains, the long pole’s origin comes from the Shaolin tradition and was not originally a weapon’s developed out of the Wing Chun System. In preparatory training, emphasis, is stressed on the importance of stance development and structure, as one performances the empty handsets. One first begins with a lighter pole progressing to a heavier one…the pole can range in weight from three to six pounds. The proper measurement used, as the hands are placed on the pole from its end, to where the second hand is placed, are shown. Moving the pole properly in the form, is demonstrated, showing forward, backward and movements from side to side. An overview, in more detail is given of the basic movements, showing the Stances, Footwork and techniques. This is followed with a section demonstrating basic techniques and a breakdown of the form. Sifu is able to show, the significance of the long pole 6 point and ½ point concept, with their associated techniques, illustrated with a graphic chart, while demonstrating the poles movement. This presentation, also provides a student question and answer portion, of those types of questions frequently asked by students. For example, questions relating to the poles history and why there are so many variations of the pole form.

Comments on Production:

This is an excellent Wing Chun video on the long pole, in all aspects of its production! Its filming approach connects quality in technical expertise, which combines graphics with useful information. The program provides exceptional knowledge of the Wing Chun system, coupled with experience and sifu’s instructional wisdom.

Review Comments:
Benny Meng Long PoleAgain, this training video is exceptional, its format is uncomplicated, yet provides a presentation of the basics in an informative and useful manner. One can easily see, by watching Sifu’s, performance of the Long Pole form; it expresses genuine control of the weapon with power. There are many instructional videos on the market showing the pole form and training exercises, but lack the skill demonstrated in this video. It’s quite apparent, that Master Meng’s training comes from a traditional background; he’s able to convey, what’s essentially important in one’s training; the display and execution of techniques with elucidating descriptions, clarifying the forms main concepts and variations. I was thoroughly impressed, by Sifu’s knowledge of the Wing Chun System and his command of the Long Pole.

Review Specifications:
Reviewer: George Hernandez
Presentation Title: “Wing Chun Series – Luk Dim Boon Kwan”
Presenters: Master Benny Meng
Date: 5/20/2015

Technical Specifications:
Language: English
Format: DVD or Digital Download
DVD Format: NTSC Region 0
Resolution (download only): 640×480
Running Time: 43:09 Minutes

Production Rating (1-5 scale):
Sound Quality: 5
Video Quality: 5
Total Production Score: 10

Subject/Instruction Rating:
Subject matter: 5
Instruction Quality: 5
Total Subject/Instruction Rating: 10

Reviewers Rating: 5
Score Subtotal: 25

Total Score: 25/25 = 100%

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