Review – Alan Orr – Footwork and Power Punching

Review – Alan Orr – Footwork and Power Punching

With a long history of testing his mettle in both canvas and concrete rings, Sifu Alan Orr shares the training methods behind his Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun system that have made it practical, applicable, dynamic and successful.

The presentation of this video’s content is the next best thing to being elbows deep for a training camp cycle that prepares one with the fundamental fighting techniques that are match ready. Lace up, limber up and brace yourselves for the flurry of info thrown at you with one of the United Kingdom’s most established coaches and practitioners.

Right off the top, Alan Orr’s experience surfaces as he stresses one of the most important, yet often under trained, fundamentals of dynamic fighting skills by putting your best foot forward. “Footwork will give you the ability to control your space and control your opponent,” is the defining message before getting into the various ways one can step with effectiveness from different ranges. Setting the body’s mechanics and balance with a concise explanation, he shares the means of triangle stepping, darting, evading, pressing, and angling from foundation to drilling to application with a training partner.

With the gears in motion, Sifu Orr fuels the fighting engine by offering up the effective striking with body structure supported by the corresponding footwork established. Understanding the different punching methods means that the relative timing and power is needed behind them as to avoid, “just trying to throw your hands at someone.” Sound insights to set the know-how behind the difference of just striking someone and effecting a damaging blow to not only the target, but to the entirety of the opponent through the use of the whole of the body’s resources, rather than just the wrists and fists.

Now that both sets of limbs are looked at separately, they are reconnected by the tie that binds through the waist and hips. Focusing also on the use of the hub of the body to generate explosive energy that transmits a great deal of force in destroying whatever is in the path of one’s attack or counter-attack. A consistent, comprehensive breakdown for building cohesive, connected mechanics driven from the feet right through to the fist and impacting the opponent as a whole. The array of methods such as piercing, springing, uppercut, whipping, thrusting, pressing, explosive, back fist, and combination punching are all here to build and blast with.

Sifu Orr serves up the tools and techniques to effect damaging fighting actions with the wisdom of practical experience for practical application. Simple and to the point, this video, which totals just shy of a forty-minute run time, is an installment in this series that can translate to a lifetime of unlocking a practitioner’s full physical potential, whether in a training or fighting environment. Watch, work, and wreak havoc on your opposition with the insights provided to the system’s intended design for combat.

Alan Orr Body Structure Sparring Series: Fundamental Skills 2 Footwork and Body Structure Power Punching
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