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New! Gary Lam’s Wing Chun Combat Tactics

New! Gary Lam’s Wing Chun Combat Tactics

For all the Sifu Gary Lam super fans, we have some good news! His DVD “Wing Chun Combat Tactics” is now available.

In this DVD he reveals the fighting tactics that form the basis of the Wing Chun fighting system. Where most instructors are content to explain only the “how-to” of a technique, Sifu Lam explains the concepts behind those techniques and how to use them in combat.

What does the DVD go over?

– The Real Meaning Of Wing Chun / Ving Tsun
– Line Fighting
– Angle Fighting
– Facing
– Elbow Down But Why ?
– The use of Ying and Yang
– Breaking and maintaining balance in Wing Chun
– The fighting weak points
– Taan Sao
– Fook Sao

Want your own copy?

Order Now from EverythingWingChun.Com

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