Review – Lee Man Hung – Traditional Wooden Dummy

Review – Lee Man Hung – Traditional Wooden Dummy

Going back to the roots of Wing Chun’s propagation in Hong Kong, Sifu Lee Man Hung presents the “Traditional Wooden Dummy” in a way that some would loosely define as “Hong Kong style”. This video production offers a no frills, concise,and direct approach to performing and teaching the Wooden Dummy in a seminar lecture format with the viewer’s perspective aimed at being part of the attending audience. Virtually every minute of this volume provides demonstrations and information for its 80-minute run time in his native Cantonese with supporting English subtitles.

To kick things off, the entire set of the Wooden Dummy is played at a slower pace, which allows the viewer to analyse and subsequently review each movement, section and concept employed in its sequence.

Sifu Lee’s offering is based on the system that he had learned through his teacher, the late Sifu Tommy Yuen Yim Keung. From side-to-side, angle-toangle,each movement is played with complete control while attacking the supporting information to make one’s practice really come to life.

With the tone set of getting to the task at hand, a good balance is struck within the breakdown of the first section (1-20 movements) by presenting them at work while they’re being explained in concept. The details of each movement are reinforced with the support of a skilled demonstration partner to help immediately bring to life the concepts, actions, and their potential fighting applications. This Taan Da chapter is given thorough attention in order to, “make sure that the participants (spend) quality time practicing these movements.” Sound guidelines are in place to help one identify individual properties in depth rather than in a sequential order.

The delivery of information complete with demonstrations is thrown at the audience at a consistent pace, without a break in the attack, effortlessly flowing from one chapter to the next. Every core and essential idea is explored in detail to heighten the practitioner’s
understanding and ensure it grows; with lines drawn to illustrate the connections to Siu Nim Tau, Cham Kiu and Biu Ji as sources to each section’s foundation. A distinct approach that doesn’t just pay lip service to those foundations but also provides comprehensive connections to the what, why and how questions that may sometimes go unaddressed.

Also included is the vast array of the original Cantonese names and terminology relative to the respective movements at hand from form, to practice, right through to application.
The viewer is also treated to an aspect of training not often explored in others videos with a chapter focusing entirely on the “Air Wooden Dummy”.

Sifu Lee Man Hung’s passion never takes a break. Every section is broken down in significant detail with their accompanying concepts and applications to suit. They are also formatted as their own chapters in the menu for ease of navigation to further accommodate the
viewer’s specific interest. This video has definitely earned a three arms and two thumbs-up rating, and a firm place in the library of any practitioner’s who is looking to expand their understanding of the Wooden Dummy’s qualities.

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Language: Cantonese with English Subtitles
Running Time: Approx. 80 min.
Format: PAL
Region: 0
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Reviewed By:Dwight Hennings
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