Review – Moy Yat – Chum Kiu

Review – Moy Yat – Chum Kiu

As an avid Wing Chun practitioner, I like to see what other Ip Man students have to offer and to demonstrate.  I decided to pick up one of Moy Yat’s videos today.  From what I understand, Moy Yat is one of Ip Man’s top students and an internationally recognized Wing Chun practitioner.  He passed away years ago but his videos still exists globally for all Wing Chun practitioners.

What will you learn?

This video is about 30 minutes long and mainly goes over the form itself.  He touches on moy yatthe applications and different ways Wing Chun practitioners train.   For the most part, if you train the “Moy Yat” linage or that style of Wing Chun, this media will give you a great example of how its founder performed Chum Kiu.

He also addresses the way Grandmaster Ip Man performed Chum Kiu and played Kung Fu in his older age, as well as the reasons why he did the shapes in a certain way.  I found this section the most interesting, most of which was due to Ip Mans age and height.

Moy Yat basically said, do not blindly follow Ip Man, make sure you understand why he performed the movements the way Ip Man did.   In short, Moy Yat’s message was make sure the way you perform Wing Chun shapes will suit your height and body structure.

Who should watch this video?

You should watch this video if you currently study Moy Yat Wing Chun or want to see how one of Ip Man’s students played the form.  Again the section where Moy Yat discusses how Ip Man trained was really interesting.


This video is pretty old, I wouldn’t have the highest expectations when it comes to sound or video quality. It is definitely a homemade video with an old school VHS recorder.


moy yatI liked it, but I was hoping to see more in terms of applications. Just remember this was made when Kung Fu videos were hard to come by. It was filmed during a time where editing film and high quality cameras were expensive, so do not expect super high quality.

Regardless, it was interesting to see how a direct student of Ip man played Chum Kiu and to learn about his experiences with Grandmaster Ip Man.

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