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Choosing Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Part 6 – D-Guards

We will now take a look at the D-Guard (and its components the Quillon and Knuckle-Bow). This is what will allow you to trap weapons, flip your sword, protect your hand, and help you block incoming blows. For the most part the D-Guard is what makes a butterfly sword a butterfly sword. Let’s take a closer look.
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Choosing Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Part 5 – Tangs/Handles

Integral Knives. Photo by Sifu Wayne Belonoha.

We will now take a look at Tangs, Handle Types, Alignment, Ergonomics, and Handle Materials. These are critical aspects of a sword. The tang can literally be the difference between life and death if you are using the sword for combat – or even training with contact. The handle types and ergonomics can really make a difference in your comfort and power. Let’s learn more.
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Choosing Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Part 4 – Blade Finishes

EWC Choppers in 440C with Glossy Finish

We will now take a look at the finishes and coatings of a sword blade. There are a number of different finishes that can be used or put on a blade:  mirror finish, glossy finish, satin finish, bead blast finish, and various methods of bluing and coatings.  Top custom knife maker Jay Fisher writes “Most makers simply don’t have the patience to execute a fine finish.  Factories and manufacturers never properly finish a blade or metal fittings and components of the knife, ever.” Let’s learn more about the types of finishes for BJD.
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Choosing Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Part 2 – Blade Steels

High quality Lamellar Blade

We will now take a look at the sword blade steels, and how they differ. It is very important to get a steel that meets your needs. For example, if you want a display sword, then a steel that rusts is not ideal – you want something low maintenance. Likewise, if you want a combat sword and can take the time to oil it properly, then you want something that is very tough and can spring back into shape.  It is time to learn more about the correct steel for your needs.
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Good Article on the History of Baat Jarm Dao / Hudiedao.

I just wanted to mention a great read on the history of BaatJarmDao /Butterfly Swords /Hudiedao. Our friends at Kung Fu Tea did a great job with this article and we recommend you go take a look: