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WCI Review – Ian Protheroe’s Saam Sing Jong DVD

A traditional training apparatus that has roots in many Chinese Gung Fu styles is the Saam Sing Jong, translated as “Three Star Dummy,” is broken down, explored, and worked with Sifu Ian Protheroe at the helm of this instalment. Bringing over two decades of practising and teaching this scarcely practiced method of developing an aspect of one’s footwork and kicking capacities, this live-seminar presentation is straight and to the three points. For a short and sweet continuous 33-minute runtime, the audience is provided information that covers the necessities for practical understanding and application from post-to-post. Read Full Post

Review – Ian Protheroe’s Wing Chun Rattan Ring DVD

Sifu Protheroe has been a practitioner and advocate of the Rattan Ring for over 25 years. This DVD is an edited version of two, three-hour seminars on the ring.

Before I continue, it’s worth mentioning that the audio quality on this DVD is very poor, so much so that there is a statement on the introduction apologizing for this fact. As a total newbie to the Rattan Ring, I was very curious to learn what it is all about, so the brief history and the description of the ring was a welcome introduction to the DVD. Read Full Post

New! Ian Protheroe – Wing Chun Saam Sing Jong DVD

Ian Protheroe just released a new DVD on the Wing Chun Saam Sing Jong, (aka Three Star Dummy, Tripodial, etc). The DVD is an edited version of a seminar he gave in Brisbane, Australia.  He says:

“This DVD covers both circular and linear footwork, plum flower, or triangular footwork around the jong and circular stepping through the jong. Combination kicking, foot blocks, jams and sweeps complete the martial aspects of this valuable training tool. Correct stance width while stepping ensures dynamic balance is maintained throughout the footwork sequences, a must for martial practice. Read Full Post

Review – Ian Protheroe’s DVD, The Wing Chun Fighting System

What it’s about:

Ivan Protheroe presents his interpretation of Wing Chun as a fighting system and its combative techniques. Sifu Protheroe is also a life member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association which was established by the first generation of students of Yip Man (Ip Man).


Wing Chun is a complex and effective method of martial arts which includes many techniques found in other systems of Chinese Wushu. However, many of the means used in training and in applications are unique to the Wing Chun system. Sifu Protheroe provides an in-depth presentation of the system’s application of the combative arts specific to the trapping hands and takedown maneuvers. Read Full Post