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Review- David Peterson – Cham Kiu Seminar

david peterson cham kiu review

Class is in session with Sifu David Peterson’s incredibly thorough examination of the Cham Kiu form. With decades of experience in successful careers as both an educator and as a prolific instructor in WSLVT, David bridges the talents of both worlds to offer an extensive look into what makes the second form work as intended—seeking to bridge the gaps with relevant, practical information. The abundance of content is formatted in not one but two discs within the one package because of the expanse of detail and articulation; thus heightening the value of this second instalment of instructional DVDs. Take a seat as the professor takes over the lab for this in-depth seminar! Read Full Post

Review – David Peterson’s Muk Yan Jong Seminar

The dictionary defines the word “definitive” as “…most reliable or complete, as of a text, author, criticism, study,” and also, “…having its fixed and final form; providing a solution or final answer; satisfying all criteria.” And this is exactly what this DVD is. It is the most comprehensive and informative DVD I have watched in my time writing for WCI. David Peterson has been training in the Chinese martial arts since 1973. He became a student of Wong Shun Leung after travelling to Hong Kong in 1983. It is David’s sole aim to pass on the skills, knowledge and understanding of Wing Chun exactly as Sifu taught them to him. Read Full Post

Review – David Peterson’s Siu Nim Tao DVD

Simply stated the “Siu Nim Tau” DVD by Sifu David Peterson is a painstaking labor of love that is a meticulously thorough, in-depth seminar reviewing the revered late Wong Shun Leung’s Siu Nim Tau. Emphasis on the thoroughness of the seminar cannot be overstated. Sifu Peterson spends well over three hours covering theory, modifications, points, applications and the many ideas behind Siu Nim Tau that Sifu Wong acquired through his vast experience with Biemo. The seminar is actually a set of two DVDs: the first DVD covers the first two sections of the form, while the second DVD finishes out the form and then shows a question and answer session, drills and the form itself without commentary. Read Full Post

Review – David Peterson’s Mook Yan Jong Seminar DVD

David Peterson’s “Mook Yan Jong (MYJ)” is a truly phenomenal DVD that takes the neophyte, student, or seasoned Wing Chung practitioner through the Mook Yan Jong form of Wing Chun as practiced by the “King of Talking with the Hands” Wong Shun Leung. The late Sifu Wong modified the MYJ form as taught by Grandmaster Yip Man due to Wong’s numerous challenge fights and conversations with his Sifu Yip Man. This DVD is a meticulous 208 minute study into the minutest detail of the Wong Shun Leung Mook Yan Jong form. The coverage details the form, presents the MYJ form from multiple angles for clear visualization of the form; shows examples of the applications, and elaborates on the insight that the late Sifu Wong Shun Leung gleaned from his numerous challenge fights. This is truly one of the definitive DVDs presented on the Wong Shun Leung lineage of the Mook Yan Jong form. Read Full Post

Review – Look Beyond the Pointing Finger (2nd Edition)

David Peterson's Book, Look Beyond the Pointing Finger: The Combat Philosophy of Wong Shun Leung

“Look at the Pointing Finger – The Combat Philosophy of Wong Shun Leung” is an expanded second edition of Sifu Peterson’s monumental work on Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun (WSLWC). Of course it is well known that Sifu Wong was one of the handful of sifus that finished the entire Wing Chun system directly under Grandmaster Yip Man’s guidance and training. And of course Sifu Wong was actively teaching within Hong Kong while Yip Man was still alive and was undefeated in his quite numerous Biemo contests. Read Full Post

Review – David Peterson’s Cham Kiu Seminar DVD

Once again Sifu Peterson, “The Blue Print of Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun” has produced an exceptional DVD video on Cham Kiu (bridge-seeking), the second form of Wing Chun titled “ Cham Kiu Seminar.” This seminar follows Sifu Peterson’s “Siu Nim Tau Seminar” format with the exception that Sifu Peterson shows the form before delving into the specifics of the techniques. Presented on two DVDs the seminar is quite lengthy due to the extraordinary amount of detail that Sifu Peterson covers, along with anecdotes about Wong Shun Leung’s philosophy, experiences garnered from Beimo and discussions with Yip Man, as well as including Wong’s student days, questions, exercises and review. The most important idea from Wong Shun Leung is that Wing Chun is concept based not technique based. There is no “if this then that” instead Sifu Wong viewed Wing Chun as a toolshed with perfect techniques/tools waiting to be utilized. If you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing the book “Look Beyond the Pointing Finger – The Combat Philosophy of Wong Shun Leung,” also by David Peterson and now in its second edition, this DVD is the perfect compliment. The philosophies discussed in the book are present in every part of the form and the actual execution of the form. In fact one might say that the David Peterson DVDs are an extension of the book. Read Full Post