Review- David Peterson – Cham Kiu Seminar

Review- David Peterson – Cham Kiu Seminar

Class is in session with Sifu David Peterson’s incredibly thorough examination of the Cham Kiu form. With decades of experience in successful careers as both an educator and as a prolific instructor in WSLVT, David bridges the talents of both worlds to offer an extensive look into what makes the second form work as intended—seeking to bridge the gaps with relevant, practical information. The abundance of content is formatted in not one but two discs within the one package because of the expanse of detail and articulation; thus heightening the value of this second instalment of instructional DVDs. Take a seat as the professor takes over the lab for this in-depth seminar!

While demonstrating the form at a diligent pace, Sifu David advocates that the first section of the second form, like the first section of Siu Nim Tau, “is the most important and the one that contains the most information.” And, by extension, bringing the fundamental concepts of the first form to life through pivoting, footwork, and angles provided in Cham Kiu. One hour of this production’s two hour run time is dedicated exclusively to the exploration, concepts, structures, actions, and applications found within the first section, further reinforcing that importance.

The tone has been set for every step forward with fight, Chi Sau, and drilling demonstrations. Smartly bookended with liner notes that highlight the key points that connect practice to function which will be found at the end of each of the three sections of the form covered.

There are several “feature” actions found in the Cham Kiu form, like the variety of ways that Bong Sau is played to develop application. David introduces the audience to Yi Bong (“shifting” Bong) as supported by the hip/waist dynamic of Juen Ma (Pivoting) to learn how to diffuse and redirect the training partner’s force through Chi Sau practice on to practical application. Paau Bong (“throwing” Bong) is in the spotlight of the second section, with Seung Ma (Forward Stepping) to bring it to life. Employing offensive and defensive footwork, “to create a bridge when initial contact does not exist.” In the third and final section comes the analysis of Dai Bong (“low-action” Bong), communicating that this action can be employed to handle attacks that are directed toward one’s lower gate.

Disc Two is indeed a bonus with the demonstration of Cham Kiu in real time, commonly asked questions, and a variety of added drills to allow the practitioner to test the relative actions found in the form.

Like practice, watching this installment will encourage the viewer to constantly pause, review, and practice its offerings. Cham Kiu concepts and actions flow seamlessly from one to the next; consequently building the bridges to a better understanding of one’s practice. One volume, two discs, and a lifetime of information to source from. A great addition to a library that will never sit on the shelf.

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