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Buick Yip Swords Given to Mike Tyson at Ip Man 3 Opening

We found this to be interesting. At the opening to the Film, “Ip Man 3”, a pair of swords designed for the Everything Wing Chun site by Buick Yip were given to Mike Tyson and used in demos by Donnie Yen. You can see Buick’s calligraphy on the swords if you look carefully. It says “Wing Chun” on one blade and “Bot Jarm Do” (8-Cut Swords, the name for the butterfly swords) on the other. Read Full Post

Review – Sam Chan – Ip Man Wing Chun Series – Bot Jam Dao

Quick Summary:

Sifu Sam Chan demonstrates several Wu Shu weapon forms while emphasizing the need to understand the characteristics of each weapon and how the butterfly knives, in particular, are based on the structure of the Sil Lim Tao, the footwork of the Chum Que and the power of the Bil Gee form. The practitioner’s skill is keenly exemplified as the ability to use the hands in a multiple fashion while executing technique simultaneously. Basic drills are presented, showing how to handle the knives properly and effectively, while one is stationary and in motion. The Bot Jam Dao form is demonstrated by Sifu Chan where he provides front and side views with close-up shots as he moves through the forms sequence. During Sifu’s demonstration of the Butterfly Knife form he emphasizes the importance of employing the principle of Turma while moving one’s body as techniques are executed. Various applications are also shown as the knives are applied against different types of Kung Fu weapons. The use of specific Butterfly Knife techniques are demonstrated in 8 sections of applications. Read Full Post

Review – Randy Williams – Bot Jam Doh – Vol.1

Quick Summary:

This video provides instruction in the Bot Jom Doh – Wing Chun Butterfly Knives – in a two volume set. The first Volume presents a brief description of the weapon’s history and its related differences in knife blade construction and dimensions. Hand techniques, footwork, practice drills with a complete showing of the forms 108 movements is presented. Read Full Post

Review – Randy Williams – Bot Jom Doh – Vol 2

Quick Summary:

This second volume of the Bot Jom Doh (Butterfly Knives), presents detailed instruction in the application of the knives in 24 sections “knives vs Knives” and 10 sections, where “Knives vs Pole.” A comparison is shown in how the Butterfly Knife postures and empty hand movements relate to the three basic forms in Wing Chun. Of further interest, an innovative approach is introduced using the wooden dummy as part of the applications training with an excellent discussion demonstrating the cutting principles in using the knives. Read Full Post

Review – Samuel Kwok – Mastering Wing Chun – Butterfly Swords

This is the 3rd person to review this DVD on this blog alone! It is a very popular DVD. Let’s see what George had to say about this one:

Quick Summary:

This instructional video is presented by Master Samuel Kwok of the Ip Man School of Wing Chun. A complete demonstration of the Butterfly Knife form is given in eight sessions from different points of view while also showing the form’s movements in slow motion for closer study. Master Kwok explains the reasons for the knives particular construction, while demonstrating their use in application – that is – how the knives are held in one’s hands and how one moves them properly. The observed similarities of movement from Wing Chun’s three forms and the application of the shifting horse are expertly demonstrated in this video presentation. All of the basics are covered in this instructional video. Learning how to move properly with power can be easily observed in Master Kwok’s performance. Along with the display of Butterfly Knife basics, a brief demo is shown – how to defend one’s self from a long weapon such as the spear and how one can trap and move the blade along the spear’s shaft while moving toward the opponent and disabling their attack. Read Full Post

Thoughts on Designing Wing Chun Butterfly Swords

Recently, I was very lucky to sit down and chat with the owner of Modell Designs LLC, Jeffery Modell. Which is the company that helped Everything Wing Chun with the design many of their mid to upper-end Wing Chun Butterfly Swords.

Before I started my conversation with Jeff, I had one main question in mind, “how does one master the art of producing great butterfly swords?”  The journey of learning how to design swords is nothing like I expected.  I originally thought it started with long nights in garage, hammering away at steel and similar metals until you finally figured it out.   It turns out a designer of swords starts out very differently; it starts with the NEED for a good weapon.

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