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WCI Review – Sifu Taner & Sifu Graziano – 26 – Baat Cham Dao (Butterfly Swords)

WCI Review – Sifu Taner & Sifu Graziano – 26 – Baat Cham Dao (Butterfly Swords)

For the most part, the days of the system’s signature weapons being veiled in secrecy and accessible only to disciples and the most loyal of students are gone, with the Internet and social media opening the gates of free information exchange.

The dynamic video duo returns onto the scene with another video volume, focusing this time on the weapons stage of the system that many practitioners aspire to and covet with the Baat Cham Dao. Sifus Taner and Graziano will, “show you the complete knives form,” from tang to tip. Get a grip and be ready to slice through 79 minutes of well shot, high-definition video presentation as the two go from form to function.

As with any and every instructional video, the simple details are covered with the parts and purposes of the knives being the subjects. Sifu Graziano explains that, “the whole knife is sharp but two-thirds is used to defend and the last third is used to cut, or to hit, or to attack the opponent.”

Sifu Taner then takes the stage to build from the ground up with the appropriate footwork, showing you how to train it. “The footwork is quite different from (empty hand) footwork,” he states in order to identify the uniqueness of training with the double blades and the particulars required to employ them with understanding, control and efficacy. “There is never a point that you stay still. You are always moving,” he continues on. Although this is common sense, it can be the folly of many that may rely solely on the integrity of the weapons themselves. Demonstrating the correlating mechanics and structures of stance found in the empty-hand forms, he draws the parallels of having those fundamental stances well-practised to be able to evolve to the challenges presented in developing equally strong footwork, the Baat Cham Dao that will support those core essentials.

The two Sifus exchange roles as the video rolls forward into their detailed demonstration and breakdown of the sets of the Baat Cham Dao with Sifu Graziano demonstrating form with supporting actions and their concepts and Sifu Taner working the particular mechanics and applications that support the former’s play with the blades while alternating roles in demonstrating from one set to the next. Attention to detail is crucial, as any mismanagement will result in personal injury in practice or bad habits that may result in critical failure of the application when required in a practical environment.

The two presenters are conscious of the single camera shooting on the floor of the Kwoon and make the necessary adjustments in their presentations to give the viewing audience perspective of structures, positions, angles and actions. Particular credit to the two gentlemen in striking the balance of commanding skill and playfulness in the delivery of this volume of their series of instructional videos.

Sifu Taner & Sifu Graziano – 26 – Baat Cham Dao (Butterfly Swords)

Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 1 hours 19 minutes.
Format: Digital Download (or DVD)
Availability: Everything Wing Chun + Instant Access
Review by: Dwight Hennings

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