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Buick Yip Swords Given to Mike Tyson at Ip Man 3 Opening

We found this to be interesting. At the opening to the Film, “Ip Man 3”, a pair of swords designed for the Everything Wing Chun site by Buick Yip were given to Mike Tyson and used in demos by Donnie Yen. You can see Buick’s calligraphy on the swords if you look carefully. It says “Wing Chun” on one blade and “Bot Jarm Do” (8-Cut Swords, the name for the butterfly swords) on the other.

We were pleased that the swords were well thought of enough to be used in this manner. Buick Yip did a great job with the design and construction of these swords. We’ve developed/sold over 10 models of swords with Buick, this was the 7th version. You can support Buick’s work and buy the most recent version exclusively from Everything Wing Chun.


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