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Bruce Bao Long Poles Used at Ip Man 3 Opening

We were pleased to discover that not only were our exclusive Buick Yip swords used at the opening of Ip Man 3 and given to Mike Tyson, but Bruce Bao’s longpoles were also used in that demo!



We’ve carried poles from Sifu Bruce Bao for 7 years. In the earlier years the poles were of questionable quality (sorry, Bruce!), but over the past year (and after much discussion with Bruce about the quality) we finally gave his latest poles made from kwan dim and iron wood our stamp of approval (and customer’s agree!). Apparently so do Donnie Yen and company at Ip Man 3.

You can look at all of our top quality long poles here:
Long Poles at Everything Wing Chun; be sure to look for Bruce’s!

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