WCI Review – Larry Saccoia – WCU – Applied Wing Chun – Chi Sao

WCI Review – Larry Saccoia – WCU – Applied Wing Chun – Chi Sao

Chi Sau is a signature training method, exclusive to Wing Chun, providing a platform for practitioners to practise and develop one’s applications and reflexes in real-time with a training partner. Two-Handed Chi Sau has a more glamorous, exciting perception with those who train the system to train consistently, but Sifu Larry Saccoia looks closely at building the fundamentals through Single-Hand Chi Sau to prepare you for the evolution to having both arms in action. This easy-to-follow one hour offering covers the need-to-know bases to develop consistent habits that complement the concepts, techniques, and applications the system offers.

04-WCU-Saccoia-New-Product-ImagesPrefacing the live demonstrations with a training partner, Sifu Saccoia highlights, “there are many important benefits derived from doing (this) Chi Sau drill, which include developing Reaction, Coordination, Balance and Distance… to create proper Timing.” Further explaining the physical attributes will be honed to develop the capacity to cover one’s centreline and controlling the attack to create an opportunity to attack borne of Taan Sau, Fook Sau and Bong Sau are the fundamental hands played in Single- Hand Chi Sau. With the table set, the presentation moves on to pairing with a partner to explore the exercise.

Distance, angle, and forward energy application are the first points of focus to ensure one has their positions managed securely from static positions that build toward live movements, actions, and reactions. The universal mantra of, “making sure that (you are) relaxed and not tensing up the muscles,” affords the opportunity of training controlled techniques and provides an opportunity to recognise what is and what isn’t working in real-time, rather than falling victim to a robotic cycle of movements.

Having the fundamentals in place, the audience is re-introduced to the core hands in play and getting them to work with a training partner. As one’s consistency of performance improves, he then introduces a variety of energies and lines of attack to expand the offerings of single arm training outside of the base template of Taan, Bong and Fook Sau actions. Changing, transitions and lines of energy are shared to pressure test the integrity of structure and reflexes in reaction, while maintaining relaxed composure—designed to replicate variables that come into play when engaging a live opponent outside
of the confines of a controlled, cooperative training environment.

Sifu Larry Saccoia introduces a unique method of expanding single hand training, “with two hands,” as a bridging exercise toward Two-Handed Chi Sau, applying the sequence of actions, while having two hands connected at a time, while playing the drill one hand at a time. Thorough training in a static drill via this fundamental partner drill fortifies fundamentals and foundations. Of particular importance is the benefits that one’s stance is developing its balance and stability to support the energies at play, while the practitioner focuses on the coordination of expanded hand techniques and potential applications.

Larry Saccoia – Wing Chun University – Applied Wing Chun Lesson 04 – Chi Sao
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Review by: Dwight Hennings

WCI Review - Issue 31b - Larry Saccoia- Chi Sao Lesson 4

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