Review – Sifu Taner & Sifu Graziano – Wing Tjun: Bju Tze Form

Review – Sifu Taner & Sifu Graziano – Wing Tjun: Bju Tze Form

Once considered by many to the be the “elite” form of the system, the DVD Biu Tze Form is succinctly broken down into sets, complete with Sifu Taner holding center stage with a one-to-one lesson. Pointing the viewer in the direction of how each technique is played, and the concepts that support them. An information-rich hour that gives the practitioner deep insight into the third form.

Sifu Taner’s presentation, as it relates to the Wing Tjun system, is a detailed analysis of how their Biu Tze form is actually taught and contextualized. A recently filmed video element shot in high definition that gives the viewer the chance to pause, review, and perform frame-by-frame analysis of the content for review so that one can digest the information at their own pace because of the video’s resolution quality. But before getting to the meat and potatoes of what brings the form to life in concept and in application, is an overview of the
form and of the core body mechanics involved which require developing to efficiently support the actions of application. It is a fascinating look into the unique properties that train the explosive and controlled power from feet to fingers.

The Biu Tze form’s details are discussed and presented to the viewer in nine sections with a large amount of attention paid to concepts, details, movements and potential applications. Sifu Taner breaks down the information without any prejudice to other systems’ interpretation
of the form and the varieties of ways it is practiced amongst other lineages. Consistently reinforced with his positive message of hoping to “share (their) knowledge” of their Wing Tjun.

This video production is formatted solely as an instructional breakdown with enough content contained in its 54- minute run time to provide the information hungry audience with satisfactory reference material and notes to last.

Sifu Taner takes the “lecture format” approach as a solo presenter without the support of a demonstrating partner as it relates to Chi Sau or combat applications. Not to worry, he’s sure to remind you that Biu Tze partner and opponent applications are covered in his other DVD volumes and that a video is no real substitute for one-to-one personal instruction. He also provides full disclosure of all of the actions’ and concepts’ terminology in their designated Cantonese form.

This presentation earns a good grade to the producers and presenters for being transparent, thorough, articulate and inclusive. What keeps the DVD from earning full marks is the lack of
interactive partner demonstrations through drills and applications. However, full marks are given to Sifu Taner for being able to communicate his information in a way that can be digested by either the casual or experienced individual.

A nice introduction to the rarely discussed third form and its relevance to making one’s practice complete. Thumbs up for not pointing the finger of difference from system to system or lineage to lineage, but instead pointing the practitioner and viewer in the direction to help add to, and improve, one’s practice

Sifu Taner & Sifu Graziano Yip Man Wing Tjun: Bju Tze Form
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Reviewed By: Dwight Hennings

Sifu Taner and Sifu Graziano Yip Man Wing Tjun Bju Tze Form

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