Review – Tony Massengill – Wing Chun Training Drills

Review – Tony Massengill – Wing Chun Training Drills

With a career spanning decades as a first-line respondent as a police officer, fire fighter and paramedic, Sifu Tony Massengill translates a dynamic career paralleled with decades of martial arts experience into a fast moving DVD showcasing his Ip Man Wing Chun. In this video installment, he offers “drills designed to develop conditioned reflex,” with the hopes of conditioning the viewing practitioner toward having a more reactive response when applied.

Packed into this seventy-eight minute production are an abundance of drills designed to train his Ip Man Wing Chun. Take your position and get ready for a fast and furious delivery of techniques with applications shot outside of the classroom to the soundstage with pro videography.

Sifu Massengill graciously introduced his entourage and gets to work by breaking down the finer points of putting Laap Sau, the feature exercise of this video instalment, partner drill to work. Covering the base of the drill with regards to the structures employed that make the exercise work before getting to the action and reaction components of bringing it to life.

Echoing a prerequisite that we have all heard throughout our training journeys, being relaxed when playing this and the following drills will help to create better reflex memory and reaction time to a partner or opponent to break from, “mechanical responses… to make the best use of the structures.” The fundamental structures are put under pressure to offer a diversified response by adding a variety of changes, attacks, and variables to work toward developing that dynamic reflex.

The next point of focus is Daan Chi Sau. Credit to Sifu Massengill for paying attention to defining the action and reaction techniques from both the Taan Sau and Fook Sau positions. He offers a variety of “cycles” to this time develop the contact sensitivity to trigger the appropriate reflexes one looks to develop in their skill set. Articulating on how to change one’s hand position from the inside to outside positions, while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the elbow position to maintain control of one’s centreline.

“If a movement has merit, it needs to be trained,” says Sifu Massengill, regardless of interpretation of a particular lineage or another with the universal goal of, “improving (your) Gung Fu.” A telling statement into the diverse pool of ways that a practitioner can be trained to be best prepared for the variety of the combat stage. A reflection of an experienced practitioner and instructor who understands the need to diversify practice experience to maximise the potential of skill. And capturing the value of two-handed Chi Sau’s qualities of bringing to life an ambidextrous, balanced set of techniques that do not favour a dominant hand, nor avoid what could be perceived as the weaker hand.

This presentation keeps the energy moving forward in both momentum and thinking. There’s plenty to digest as a viewer with the pause button of your media playing seeing just as much work as your partner drilling does. Solid info, solid drills, all from a solid instructor.

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Reviewed By: Dwight Hennings

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