Review – Sifu Fernandez – WingTchunDo Dynamic Pak Sao Drills

Review – Sifu Fernandez – WingTchunDo Dynamic Pak Sao Drills

Speed kills! That’s the concept that Sifu Fernandez presents to us as part of his Dynamic Pak Sao Drills DVD and the pace in which it is presented.

The DVD begins with a montage blast of varying Pak Sao drills and applications to offer a mere glimpse into his two partner drills, system, and what’s in store for the viewer over the next 68 minutes. Now that you have an idea of the content, Sifu Fernandez is ready to go and off to the races. There is no time wasted with a tutorial, but straight into the first foundation building Pak Sao Drill to give the viewer an idea of the mechanics and practice behind making his system work efficiently for you.

Worried that the pace may be moving faster than you can practice? No problem, installed inside the DVD are “pause windows” for the viewer to reflect and experiment with the information and drills that are presented. There are also pause windows installed that contain a written overview of the concepts involved. Additionally, the pause windows help to round off the presentation so that you can see how each drill is being played without having to pause and rewind, they are all replayed in slow motion.

With the foundations firmly set, the next steps cover concepts as they relate to his Wing Tchun Do Chum Kiu system and creating a “spontaneous response”. Secondary and follow up actions through the use of Taan, Jut, and others are to be introduced if and when one’s engaging Pak Sao action is ever interrupted.

Each exercise from this point takes into account that there will be some resistance and unpredictability in the situation that will require the practitioner to adapt, flow, move, and still commit to effectively finishing the opponent. Sifu Fernandez shows you how to bridge each gap to finish your opponent with your own choice of punches, palm strikes, elbows, controlling techniques, and other devastating finishing moves.

The next step in the Pak Sao Drills steps outside of the Wing Tchun Do straight punches and sequences to instead recognise live responses from different types of fighting styles and their own respective punches. In particularly, boxing from his experiences with training and engaging boxers. From jabs to crosses to combos to fast fists, covering basic attack and defensive possibilities with what a traditional pugilist would suggest is an assault.

Sifu Fernandez reserves the practice of Pak Sao as it relates and is practised in Chi Sao to keep the viewer focused on the practical application of each technique, with the sole intention placed on keeping the practitioner’s mindset of always pursuing the target with strikes; versus sticking to the opponent’s arms like a Chi Sao game.

This DVD is loaded with his system of Pak Sao Drills and a spectrum of applications as they can be applied to variety of situations. But, the viewer is frequently reminded that the priority of the practice is to always “put your opponent down.”

Sifu Fernandez – WingTchunDo Dynamic Pak Sao Drills
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Language: English
Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 68 min.
Format: PAL
Region: 0
Number of Discs: 1
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Review by: Dwight Hennings

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