Review – Jim Fung’s Wing Chun DVD

Review – Jim Fung’s Wing Chun DVD

What it’s about:

Grandmaster Jim Fung – International Wing Chun Academy – presents the fundamentals of Sil Lim Tao’s attacks and Defenses.


Master Jim Fung is a direct descendant of Wing Chun’s Grand Master Cho Shong Tin and Ip man. In this DVD the fundamentals of the Sil Lim Tao form are given with specific applications related to various attack scenarios. The form is presented just as you would expect in the first part of the video, with Master Jung going through the complete sequence and following up with showing the proper position of the hands and feet in the Ma Bo stance. Master Jung’s manner of presentation of the Wing Chun system, however, is quite different from what you would expect from Grand Master Tin.

The first five minutes of the DVD is presented with details of Wing Chun’s history, Fung’s Lineage and martial art accomplishments. The DVD refers to him, as the Grand Master of Wing Chun, however, my present understanding is that Grand Master Tin is alive and is still teaching. It does seem like everyone is a Grand Master these days, after Ip man passed away. I have the highest respect for Grand Master Tin and certainly Jim Fung, is an experienced master teacher of the art. However, I wish the issue regarding the authentic lineage holder of the Wing Chun System is resolved. But, that is likely too much to expect in the asking.

A running narration accompanies the performance of the first form, which I find annoying; I feel it’s better to observe the master’s movements while focusing on critical aspects of the form, rather than having to listen to distracting talk and music in the background. At times you can hardly hear what the narrator is saying! But I suppose I’m jaded by the experience of having seen so many of these DVDs on the basics, that I find myself saying…”hey, where’s the beef!”

Of practical benefit, Fung gives a strong presentation on how one’s stance is crucial in the beginning and demonstrates what happens when it’s done improperly. This also goes for the alignment of the spine and how it relates to one’s sense of root and connection to the ground.

I especially appreciate his demonstration of some very simple techniques that shows how one can use several movements very quickly from one side of the body, particularly when you’re caught holding something else in your other hand. This speaks well to Wing Chun’s economy of movement and in its practical efficiency of technique.

Technical demonstrations of Sli Lim Tao are provided throughout the DVD with punches and kicks done at the same time showing how power is delivered in a very quick and effective fashion. Techniques are shown from front and side views, so that one can readily see how the application is employed properly. The movements of the first form are very basic, straight forward and are quite formidable as simple as they may appear.

If you watch closely as Master Jung demonstrates technique, one can see when he’s attacked that he doesn’t block, but he actually attacks and parries’ at the same time; which is far more effective than to block and follow up with an attacking motion. Again the movements of the Sli Lim Tao are simple, powerful and direct, although the first form serves as the basis for Chum Kiu and Bil Jee. Master Jung demonstrates techniques which are not normally shown in the first form; one is certainly given an excellent idea of how versatile Sil Lim Tao is in its applications. There is a lot in this fifty-seven minute DVD, where you would naturally expect material to be covered on the first form and it has some genuine surprises as well.

Technical Specifications:

Title: Wing Chun
Presenters: Jim Fung
Region:  all
Number of disc:  1
Length: 00:57:00
Language:  English
Sound Quality: 3/5
Video Quality: 3/5
Material covered: 4/5
Instructional qualities: 3/5

Content Overview:

  • Introduction
    • Lineage and credentials
    • Sli Lim Tao Full demonstration
    • The Stance
  • Sil Lim Tao
    • First Section
      • Elbow
      • Double Tan Sao/Palm
      • Improper application
      • Kuen Sao
      • Huen Sao
      • Tao Sao
      • Lan Sao
      • Slide slash and punch
      • Double downward Gong Sao
      • Double Gong Sao with Kick
      • Double Jet Sao
      • Punch, fook Sao, Palm, and Punch
      • Sli Lim Tao
    • Second Section
      • Palm strike Development
      • Deflection and sriking
      • Tan Sao outward turn
      • Tan Sao with a striking hand
      • Tan Sao, Palm to Kidney and kick
      • Huen Sao and running hand
      • Improper use of the Huen Sao
    • Third Section
      • Bong Sao and the inverted palm
      • Improper use of the Bong Sao hand
      • Bong Sao redirection
      • Downward Palm and return punch
  • Review of first form principles
  • Stance, Structure and Centerline
  • The three basic movements
    • Tan Sao
    • Bong Sao
    • Fook Sao
    • Optimal angle of the elbow
    • How the basic movements apply to Chi Sao
  • Further Demonstration of Sil Lim Tao Applications
  • Brief Demonstration of Chum Kiu form
  • Brief Demonstration of Bil Jee from
  • Brief Demonstration of the Monk Jong or Wooden Dummy
  • Brief Demonstration of the Butterfly Knifes
  • Brief Demonstration of the Pole Form
  • Summary of Sil Lim Tao most important training aspects
  • Brief introduction of Wall Bag Training
  • Practicing the three basic SLT movements on the Monk Jong
  • Practicing the Wing Chun Heel Kick

Review by: George Hernandez
Date: July 4, 2011
DVD Bought on: Everything Wing Chun

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