Review – Everything Wing Chun Dummy Pads

Review – Everything Wing Chun Dummy Pads

This is a Customer Testimonial for leather our Mook Jong pad.  We have a number of them, but Brad was kind enough to provide pictures! We like the home-made dummy setup – very cool, Brad – and thanks for the kind words!:

“As soon as I received my leather Mook Jong pad, I was eager to test it out so I could finally give my wooden dummy some decent strikes without having to worry about hurting myself. I wrapped it around the dummy and strapped it on and it was a perfect fit! (my dummy is 9 inch in diameter) I tested it out with various strikes, and found it to be very effective in both the head position of the jong and the mid section, (as seen in photos). I can really deliver a good strike without the worry of hurting myself anymore, and the feel of the leather is great too. The padding has a good level of thickness as well, I could really strike my dummy hard without doing any damage to my hands.

Great thing about it is you can take it on and off very easily to keep it traditional to perform the wooden dummy sets. I like to use the leather pad when I am emphasizing on a certain type of strike as to give more force and forward energy into my attack.

All in all a great product! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to really give their Mook Jong a good strike without the fear of injury.”

Brad Parkinson

You can see all the pads we carry here:

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