New! Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Stabbers in D2

New! Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Stabbers in D2

We just added a midline stabber to the store – it is a limited edition (4 of each in sharp/unsharp).

This is a pair of custom designed Butterfly Swords, made by hand. They are Wing Chun bart jarm dao with a full tang 12 inch blades made from D2 tool steel that feature a wide hollow-grinds and functional fullers. These knives are designed for lineages that stab as well as chop and slice. You can flip these swords into reverse grip as well as trap opponent’s weapons.

Here are a few things that make these weapons superior to a lot of your purchase alternatives:

  • Excellent value/price ratio 
  • The D Guard is solidly affixed to the full tang (we really care).
  • Weapons-grade D2 tool steel, imported from Germany on these custom swords.
  • Our knives are professionally heat treated because we understand that one of the major knife industry problems is manufacturers doing a lousy heat treatment to save costs. A great blade steel without a good heat treatment is swill. These knives are approximately HRC 58.
  • Wide hollow grind. Tough to do (especially on D2!) but looks great, a feature frequently requested on expensive full custom butterfly swords.
  • Excellent traditional point of balance (NOT a forward point of balance for lineages that prefer machete style)
  • Comfortable full handle yet still able to fit two swords in one sheath
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Humidity resistant handle material (a laminated resin/glue treated wood product that still expands and contracts, but not as much as cheap Chinese sword wood)
  • Total weight is light for a weapons-grade Butterfly Sword
  • Excellent balance plus light weight = fast knives.

The swords were designed by Modell Design, LLC for Everything Wing Chun and a private client.

Please take a look at all the butterfly Swords we sell.

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