Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau 2: Advanced Techniques

Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau 2: Advanced Techniques

In Chuck’s own words this DVD aims to build on the Chi Sau 1: Foundations DVD and advance your training. During the DVD you will be introduced to eight traditional Chi Sau techniques. These techniques will give you options to counter various types of attack
movements and help to create attacks or counter attacks.

Chuck’s style and delivery is great, he talks slowly and repeats each drill many times with focus on common errors and how to correct them. Each drill is shown from different angles and is also shown both sides—this is something other DVDs fail to do. Other
instructional DVDs could learn a lot from watching this title. There is even a written notes section at the end of each drill!

I must admit the title of “Advanced Techniques” seems a bit misleading, because I found most of the drills would be more suited to the beginner, something that Chuck does say himself during the program.

So what drills do we get? There are drills focusing on Taan Da, Bong Da and Laap Da, with footwork and mobility also covered. There is a clear focus on attention to detail and this was a big highlight for me. There is a huge amount of information here with each technique separated into chapters for easy recall and reference.

The DVD finishes off with a simple but really useful “Force Sensitivity Drill”, which is a drill I will definitely use myself.

My only gripe would really be that “Advanced Technique” title because this DVD is far more suited to the Chi Sau beginner, which could leave the more advanced learner feeling short changed.

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Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 59 min.
Format: NTSC
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Reviewed By: James Woodcock

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