New! Aged Healing Dit-Da-Jows

New! Aged Healing Dit-Da-Jows

Everything Wing Chun is now offering a small selection of rare aged jows. Recent Mass spectrometer (GCMS) analysis of different dit-da-jows has proven that aged jows are many times more potent and have many more benefits than young, mass produced, or scientifically formulated jows. These aged jows have many more healing compounds than any other jow we have seen on the market.

jaoIt is not just about the extraction of chemicals… Aging can indeed extract more of the beneficial chemicals from the herbs, but more importantly, over time these chemicals breakdown and recombine to form new healing molecules. Some jows tested had literally hundreds of smaller molecules absent in younger jows – all of the healing molecules have well-documented effects. And the formulas are very important, because with the right combinations the smaller molecules combine into really expensive compounds that are too costly to make alone.

Think of it like this: One can make some pretty good imitation diamonds in a lab, but they missing all the small/fine attributes that distinguish a real diamond from a fake one. It takes a lot of time (or a lot of money and an excellent lab) to make a real diamond, and if you want one you have to wait or pay up. Jows follow the same methodology.

The bottom line is this: Aged jows made from proper formulas will have tons of smaller compounds with many healing benefits, but will also give you a lot of really expensive and beneficial compounds not found elsewhere. If you want the best jow available, then you must have quality ingredients, a excellent formula, and a lot of time to age the jow.

Be sure to take a look at our selection of aged jows. Most will never be offered again.

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  1. Good Morning,

    I have a question about Dit Da Jow. My Grandfather made a 5 gallon

    batch of dit ja back in 1968-69. I read your article about ( Mass

    spectrometer (GCMS) analysis of different dit-da-jows) how can I

    have my dit ja analized?

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