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Chi Sau: A Comparison of 4 Lineages

With thousands if not millions of Wing Chun practitioners around the world, it is impossible that every single person fights the same way or uses the same methods to study Chi Sau.  Which lead us to wonder, how do other styles of Wing Chun train Chi Sau?

The goal of this article is to briefly investigate how a handful of lineages of Chi Sau. Clearly there are MUCH more out there, we happened to pick four. Read Full Post

Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection

sifu chuck

As someone who is a Wing Chun fanatic, I am always looking for good DVDs about Wing Chun Chi Sau.  Which is why I decided to get the Sifu Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection. He breaks down Chi Sau in a really clear and easy to understand format.  He speaks to you like you are a normal person, taking you a long step by step.  He also wears different color wristbands to help you determine what is going on. Read Full Post