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Buick Yip Swords Given to Mike Tyson at Ip Man 3 Opening

We found this to be interesting. At the opening to the Film, “Ip Man 3”, a pair of swords designed for the Everything Wing Chun site by Buick Yip were given to Mike Tyson and used in demos by Donnie Yen. You can see Buick’s calligraphy on the swords if you look carefully. It says “Wing Chun” on one blade and “Bot Jarm Do” (8-Cut Swords, the name for the butterfly swords) on the other. Read Full Post

New! Buick Yip Bookmarks – Free For Owners of His Dummies

Buick Yip has decided to make a limited series of hand-written, custom made bookmarks for customers that own his dummies. If you want one all you have to do is email Everything Wing Chun (email address is on their site) with your address and proof of ownership. These are NOT available for sale, they are only offered to owners of his dummies.

Just like with his scrolls, Buick does the deep breathing calligraphy when making each bookmark. Each one is hand-made and unique, written by Buick himself. You can get any one of the following 12 bookmarks: Read Full Post

Buick Yip Chow Wood Poles

"Chow" Wood is a good quality wood for long poles, as it is strong and straight. These poles are nearly identical to the Qwan Din wood poles, except they are a bit less oily. In order for the poles to be made straight and not warp, the wood needs to be dry, and dry wood is more prone to crack or splinter under heavy impact. However, if you take care of your pole and do not beat it unnecessarily hard, it will last you a long time. Read Full Post

New! Buick Yip & EWC – Leather Wallbag v3

Based on the “Everything Wing Chun Ultimate Wall Bag” design, these new wall bags from Buick Yip are top of the line! This bag is 100% high-quality leather on the outside, with an extra canvas lining on the inside to help protect the leather from wear. The top has a velcro closure. The metal plate on the top reads “Wing Chun” in the Chinese fashion.

FREE SHIPPING – The bag ships directly from Buick in Hong Kong.  Shipping is always by Air Mail and free to anywhere in the world. Read Full Post

Cracking and Humidity – Buick Yip Solid Log Wooden Dummies

Although still unfinished, this article is being posted because we felt is still contains very useful information. This article is still considered a draft, but hopefully you can get some good info from it until we have time to boil it down and finish. – EWC
The short “to do” for maintaining a solid-body dummy: First, we recommend adding 3-4 layers of polyurethane to the new dummy (inside and out). This makes it harder for moisture to get in and out. (wax, oil, and grease, are all okay alternatives). Second, buy a hygrometer and keep the humidity levels over 45% in the room that the dummy is in and do NOT let the humidity level in that room change much. Keep the dummy out of drafts (esp from windows or heating vents) or direct sunlight and away from heaters or air conditioners (blowing air dries the wood out fast). It is ideal to keep the dummy in 50-60% humidity (i.e. normal humidity), but know that is not always possible. If you start seeing checking in your dummy you need to try to stop the moisture from leaving the dummy so quickly 1) reduce temperature if possible 2) seal the dummy and cracks the grease or oils, 2-part epoxy glue 3) raise the humidity in the room ASAP 4) get the dummy out of a draft (cover it). If left unattended the dummy will end up cracking.

[11 May 2016] – Quick note: Here is a report a customer sent us by Dian-Qing Yang and Danny Normand on the best-practices-to-avoid-hardwood-checking-part-I. It might be worth a read if you find this interesting – it covers a lot of the same info we have below from a more scientific background.
Now for more details: Read Full Post