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Interview – Wayne Belonoha on Approach to Ip Man Wing Chun

We sat down with Sifu Wayne Belonoha to ask him about his new book, as well as how it, his current books (Wing Chun Compendium vol 1 and 2), his 9 disk Blu-Ray set, and his 55 Video Wing Chun University course all fit together. This is what he had to to say:

EWC: Sifu Belonoha, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and answer some questions about your books and videos. They are the highest quality Wing Chun instructional materials we’ve ever seen – and probably some of the best in the world of martial arts period.

Sifu Belonoha: First, let me say thanks for asking me to be part of your blog and for taking the time to ask me about my new book. Before answering your questions, I would like to say thanks to my teacher and kung fu family for bringing me the opportunity to write this book. Without their help and guidance, I would not be in this position. I also would like to say that while I am qualified to write a book about Ip Man Style Wing Chun, I am not uniquely so. There are many others who are qualified to write such a book, and some of them more than me. However, as a recognized instructor, I am able to make this humble offering to the wing chun community. Read Full Post

Interview – German Ferrer on his Customized Butterfly Swords

We recently made some customized swords for one of our customers, Sifu German Ferrer. Sifu Ferrer was kind enough to take some photos of himself with the swords and we thought it might be a great opportunity to ask him some questions about why he chose the design he did and about the process in general.  His design was a mix of elements we use on the Flagship line of Swords and the Tomb Warrior line of swords. This is what he had to say: Read Full Post

Interview – Anthony Caucci on Kai Sai Wing Chun

Sifu Anthony Caucci recently released two instructor’s level DVDs on Kai Sai Wing Chun. Kai Sai Wing Chun has been, until now, a private system and was not promoted commercially. So naturally we wanted to learn more about this system of Wing Chun, where it came from, and about Sifu Caucci himself. So we asked for an interview and Sifu Caucci graciously agreed. This is what we learned: Read Full Post

Interview – Sifu Jon Rister

Sifu Jon Rister Interview

For today’s interview we sat down with Sifu Jon Rister. He has written a number of books on Wing Chun and has trained under well known teachers like Sifu Franics Fong and Guro Dan Inosanto.

He was nice enough to let us pick his brain about Wing Chun training and the books he wrote.

Let’s see what he had to say! Read Full Post