Review – Sifus Taner & Graziano – Wall Bag Training Exercises

Review – Sifus Taner & Graziano – Wall Bag Training Exercises

A staple found in every Wing Chun training environment is the wall bag, a traditional training resource that comes in the form of one, two or three-pad configurations that allow one, “to train in (any) place you can hang a wall bag.” Sifus Taner and Graziano explore this heritage instrument, made uniquely popular by the system to improve one’s overall understanding, practice and conditioning over this concise 34-minute volume.

Sifu Taner prefaces the different training methods with a brief overview of the significance of the wall bag, as well as a variety of actions that can be worked from punches, palm strikes, elbow strikes, chopping actions, finger strikes, knees, and kicks. Not to keep the audience hanging any further, the
video instalment moves forward with demonstrating and breaking down those various training methods.Before the first punch is thrown, the range of engagement while maintaining a bent elbow connection at longer and shorter distances is given a look to appropriately develop technique, speed, and power. Different positional postures are also in play from a basic and squareon Yi Ji Kim Yeung Ma stance to a forward moving posture with one leg forward, being sure to employ the hip into the invested practice to heighten development.
Reviw-Sifu Taner & Sifu Graziano - Wall Bag Training Exercise
With positional ranges set in place, Sifu Taner offers a concise review of the mechanics of how the system’s punches are played and applied. Attaining consistency of performance, speed, and power is contingent on having a solid understanding and physical foundation to get more bang for the buck. Consistency and coordination performed in a relaxed manner is the prescribed input to recognise what one is performing well and what will need attention toward improvement.

Punching drill patterns take their mark, as it is now time to work the stuffing out of the leather. Offered are a variety of upper and lower gate striking patterns as a basic blueprint, beginning slowly and evolving to employing more speed and power. Paralleling a pursuit of fluidity and free-form dynamics, Sifu Taner encourages that the drills presented are, “…only (ideas) of how you can coordinate your punches and how you can use the wall bag in the best way.” Impressing further that a practitioner is free and able to develop and practice his or her own drill patterns. An expanded example is provided with the incorporation of elbow and palm strikes from basic to complex targeting drills.

The vertical fist is driving the fundamental mechanics and concepts, drawing a line to the body’s leg weapons, kicks. The wall bag communicates greater feedback as a result of a greater weapon supported by only one rooted leg. That the wall bag’s returning energies will either greatly disrupt an unstable delivery or reward a wellplayed kick with a sound connection, both figuratively and literally. Sifu Taner thoroughly recognises and explores the value of the wall bag as a training accessory with solid deliveries of ideas, drills, and methods to work your techniques and your opponents.

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WCI Review - Issue 26b - Taner Wallbag

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