Review – Rick Spain’s Wing Chun Footwork DVD

Review – Rick Spain’s Wing Chun Footwork DVD

This DVD is one of many available from Everything Wing Chun featuring Rick Spain, with this title focusing on footwork. We go straight into the action with only a brief introduction to what is to follow.

First, Rick delves into the principles of posture, balance, and poise with demonstrations of the basic fighting stance and how to find and maintain you centre of balance. What follows next is a look at the different types of footwork taught by Rick at his school.

Rick covers many stepping techniques: Toe-to-Toe, Cutting Steps, Full Cut, Open Cut, and many more. I did not know Wing Chun had so many steps! Unfortunately, it does get a bit repetitive as you watch Rick move about for over ten minutes. This section would have been much better if each step was broken down into more details of how these steps work during actual combat.

In the second section, Rick gives some more demos of how to use upper body movement. These moves seem to be mainly taken from Western Boxing with techniques such as The Weave, The Slip, Peek a Boo, and others all being shown. If you are a hardcore Wing Chun fan, you may be disillusioned as there is not too much traditional Wing Chun on offer here. In fact, most of it seems more like MMA. It’s a pity because the sound and video are both very good, which on other DVDs I have seen lately, do seem to be lacking.

The last part is probably the best with Rick finally bringing in a partner to work with, but again, it’s more MMA on offer here with takedown techniques (Sprawl, Double leg, etc.) taking the forefront.

If you have an interest in MMA and how this may tie in with your Wing Chun training, you may enjoy this DVD, but if you are a hardcore Wing Chun fan, then you may be disappointed.

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Running Time: Approx. 33 min.
Format: PAL
Region: 0
Number of Discs: 1
Availability: DVD & EWC Instant Access Download
Review by: James Woodcock

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