Review of Thommy Luke Boehlig’s Wing Tsjun 3 DVD Set

Review of Thommy Luke Boehlig’s Wing Tsjun 3 DVD Set

What it’s about: 

A three disc DVD set contained in one case providing instruction in the fundamentals of Wing Chun Kung-fu. Sifu Boehlig traces his Wing Chun Lineage through Leung Ting and Allen Fong.


Boehlig starts his DVD with a short description of Wing Chun’s history and his lineage though Leung Ting and Allen Fong. He attributes his style of Kung Fu as a “Soft” style in which a person learns to use the principles of Wing Chun through softness, relaxation and flexibility to overcome a bigger and stronger opponent. Like other DVD’s of this genre, he approaches the basics of Wing Chun from the idea of ranges… that is, the distance which exist between yourself and the opponent. He talks about the distance where one does not engage the opponent and those distances which involve kicks and those that require punching. As well as the close range zone where you encounter an opponent and you use your knees, elbows and head if necessary.

This DVD is professionally edited and its production quality is superb. Even though this set contains three discs in one package…they are short in duration. The techniques demonstrated are nothing fancy; they are the basic ones which are usually found in the first form of Sli Nim Tao. The use of the front Kick, the Wedge and “Chain Punching” are the three basic movements which are primarily emphasized as a defensive combination. They are simple to execute and quite effective if practiced. Sifu Boehlig, does give a demonstration of the Quan Sao hand and trapping techniques that could be derived from its use, but don’t expect anything in depth.

The second disc is titled “FORMS” and is also very short in Length. It starts off with some basic Sli Nim Tao applications. The techniques are very simple and direct such as when someone grabs your wrist and attempts to punch you at the center of your chest and you block using a Tan Sao hand while following up with a punch of your own. The intent here is to show how the movements might be used against a simple frontal attack…but remember, what looks easy is usually difficult to do, particularly when attempting to use a trapping hand.

Boehlig, provides the basics of the first form sequence of Sli Nim Tao in eight sets. Here you’re able to see the fundamental application of the Huen Sao and Wu Sao hands. As well as seeing Boehlig demonstrate other basic hand technique, while he uses simultaneous kicks and the application of the knee to the opponents lower gate or the head.

The third disc in this series is on weapons defense and is what presented are the possible scenarios you might encounter and what strategies are available for defense in such situations. All the classic street weapons and defenses one can use are in this last DVD. That is how you defend against a gun, knife, stick or club should you be attacked. Boehlig, I think offers good advice here…if you can leave the situation, do so. The best defense is not to be there! But, if you choose to resist and you have no choice then there are techniques you possibly could use with the hope of being the victor. However, in that being said…your ability to deal with such a situation will depend on your level of awareness and skill development.

Practice is the key to success here…but above all know what the real risks are. With guns…if, you’re not close enough to seize the weapon or if the weapon isn’t near you, the wrong movement could mean you’re dead. I often feel a bit concerned about this aspect of learning defense techniques from a DVD, against an opponent using a weapon. Watching and seeing how a technique can be employed in practice is quite another in real life. So if you desire to become skillful in this area of martial arts…find yourself an expert in defensive tactics in using weapons or specific types of weapons. Never, and I mean never rely on any DVD as your sole source of learning defenses against any kind of weapon.

As a three disc DVD set, this series will offer the novice an excellent introduction to Wing Chun as a fighting system. Its emphasis is on the basics of Sli Nim Tao and how simple the “Universal Solution” can be used effectively in many fighting scenarios.

Technical Specifications:

Title: Wing Tsjun
Region:  all
Number of disc:  3
Length: Disc (1) 00:43:27; Disc (2) 00:20:16; Disc (3) 00:24:44
Language:  English
Production Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5
Video Quality: 5/5
Material covered: 4/5
Instructional qualities: 3.5/5

Content Overview:

  • Disc one
    • Ranges
      • Kicking
      • Punching
      • Knees/Elbows/head strikes
    • Pre-fight stance
      • Forward stance
      • Arms and hands are place in the center
      • Hands are placed in a defensive posture.
    • The Wedge…position. This creates a triangle.
      • The advantage of the straight line or centerline.
      • Moving forward.
      • Detailed demonstration of the wedge technique
      • The Guard position
        • IF he starts to move…you attack.
        • If he’s close enough to hit you if you hands are not up
        • You’ll get hit.
        • Blocking and attacking speed.
      • Defenses against punching
      • Get your arms up.
      • Chain punching
        • The chain punch is based on the sun punch or vertical punch
        • Demonstrates the options of the straight punch and its associated angles.
        • Example of punching incorrectly…don’t hyper-extend your punching arm.
        • Wrist or Wrist punching.
      • Follow-up techniques.
      • Demo of techniques wedge and chaining punching.
    • Kicking and counter Kicking
      • Blocking a kick with a forward kick and come in for the attack.
      • The wedge principle is used here…the kick can be used at various levels of attack
      • Against an opponent….follow up with chain punching.
    • The Universal solution
      • The kick, wedge and chain punching
        • Kick first…it’s stronger than the opponents arm.
      • Shows some more advanced techniques using feet and hands and kicks.
    • Emergency Techniques
      • What you do when you’re caught napping…and are not able to use your chain punching strategy.
      • What do you do with a head lock situation?
      • IF someone is attempting to choke you. Being gripped by the next from the side, front and behind. When someone attempts to grasp both arms at the same time. Lan sao and groin attacks.
    • Preventing a choke with the Quan Sao hand.
    • Coming up with the elbows through the center of the opponents arms.
    • The value of tucking in the neck…
    • Wrist lock. Using the opponent’s movements for a counter-attack.
    • Demo of a trapping hand.
    • Using and trapping both arms.
    • Being grabbed by your opponent with both arms.
    • Using your legs to control you opponent
    • Learning to step behind your opponent. Follow up with arms and elbows.
    • How to restrain someone or compliance techniques
      • Attacked and using arm bars for defense.
      • The whole approach is to control your opponent.
      • Putting your foot or knee on your opponents head once he’s on the ground.
  • Disc two
    • “Forms”
      • The Sli Nim Tao in Eight Sets.
        • The Concept of the form
        • Set# 1
          • Gong Sao Han
          • Hand grab and trap
          • Han grab and Tan Sao hand
        • Set# 2
          • Opponent moves
          • Head grab
          • Knee to Middle Dan Tien
          • Kick to the groin
          • Preventing an arm break with a Tan Sao hand
        • Set #3
          • Tan Sao Hand
          • Wu Sao Hand
          • Huen Sao hand/palm strike
          • Pac Sao hand
          • Indoor/outdoor application
        • Set #4
          • Jet Sao application
          • Strike to the eyes
          • Double Strike to the Jaw
          • Lop Sao/Fook Sao Motion
        • Set#5
          • High Pac Sao against a round house punch to the head
          • Low punch
          • Elbow strike
          • Head grab with a knee strike
          • Bil Jee/Tan Sao/Pac Sao/Palm Strike
        • Set #6
          • Defense against being pulled with two hands
          • Tan Sao hand with an upper cut
          • Followed with an elbow strike
          • Tan Sao block with a simultaneous strike to the throat
          • Downward strike with Gong Sao
          • Follow up with a side hand strike
        • Set#7
          • Lower Bong Sao Hand with a inside palm strike
          • Wu Sao kept at centerline
          • Lower Bong Sao hand, punch, opponent grabs the hand
          • Twist and hook, follow up with a double palm strike
        • Set#8
          • Wrist Grab
          • Striking with a lower Gong Sao Hand
          • Follow up with a chain punching
          • Blocking a kick, with an upward palm followed with a Gong Sao
          • and Punch.
  • Disc Three
    • “Weapons”
      • Defenses against
        • Guns, Knives, Sticks and Clubs

Review by: George Hernandez
Date: July 26, 2011
DVD Bought on: Everything Wing Chun


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