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Review – Benny Meng – Biu Ji Thrusting Fingers & Focus Power

Review – Benny Meng – Biu Ji Thrusting Fingers & Focus Power

Sifu Benny Meng, curator of the Ving Tsun Museum, gets a finger on the pulse of Biu Ji in this installment of his Ip Man Wing Chun DVD series. Pointing the focus of the presentation to cover all angles of comprehending the system’s third empty-hand form. “Many different interpretations of the Ip Man system,” play forms relative to their own experience and unique qualities. The method of approaching the essential principles is explored through, “the common denominators,” which bring the ideas and techniques to life. A well-produced installation converted to digital from its original standard definition format, which makes it easier to navigate the cursor to pause, play, and start from any point without the use of designated chapters.

The method of explanation is offered with the corresponding Cantonese terminology as per relative action and into four focal points consisting of
Technique, Structure, Attributes and Application. This provides an easy to follow blueprint for the viewer to ingest a valuable feast of information over a two hour run-time of information and demonstration that all comes at a fast and furious pace, darting away from the conventional approach of a lecture format presentation. Following a brief historical review and personal introduction, the sequence of movements that comprise the Biu Ji are played as form.

Sifu Meng puts the method into movement right off the top, and continues throughout, with the assistance of a cooperative student partner. The bottom line of combat application takes priority before the introduction of any Chi Sau drills, which only appear in the latter portion of the video. His commitment to the essence of Wing Chun is evident with the sheer passion and intensity that each technique is explored with from
concept, to mechanics, to damaging explosive power. The occasional “tapout” and grimaces on the face of the assistant reinforces the devastating
possibilities behind the ideas.

Fighting concepts are also explored, such as long, short, trapping and grappling ranges of engagement. Knowing what is the right tool to employ for the right or wrong distance, are expanded further to best deal with whatever attacks an opponent provides. From being in a “controlled position” to a “broken position,” solutions are provided for dealing with the best and worst case scenarios. How Biu Ji can adapt to handle other combat
disciplines’ strategies such as takedowns, kicking and boxing-oriented styles are given a good look.

Wing Chun’s signature training system is covered extensively in the last quarter of footage with Sifu Meng’s Biu Ji Chi Sau. Serving up the reflexes that develop the hands for the notorious reputation of being effective in close quarters working toward, “developing an economy of energy to get the
greatest result.” His syllabus of Chi Sau drills is vast and will find the viewer giving the aforementioned pause, play and rewind controls just as much work as there is information, which will entertain for many hours of analytical review. Thumbs up.

IP MAN WING CHUN SERIES: Biu Ji Thrusting Fingers & Focus Power Review
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Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 120 min.
Format: NTSC
Region: 0
Number of Discs: 1
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Reviewed By: Dwight Hennings

IP MAN WING CHUN SERIES Biu Ji Thrusting Fingers & Focus Power Review

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