Review – Benny Meng’s Shaolin Wing Chun Series Level 1 Vol 1

Review – Benny Meng’s Shaolin Wing Chun Series Level 1 Vol 1

Benny Meng is the curator of the Ving Tsun Museum in Dayton, Ohio. He trained under the Moy Yat lineage to Sifu status, then trained under Ip Chun and Ip Ching.

The DVD starts off with a slideshow introduction to Benny Meng’s achievements and his martial arts journey (so far). He then describes what the DVD is designed for, which is to assist active students in the Ving Tsun Museum syllabus and to provide support to quality instructors.

Benny then goes on to explain that Wing Chun can be used for health and fitness, entertainment, combat/self-defence and sport, and that it is healthy to do all of these things, but extremely important not to get them confused. This is excellent advice that I have never heard on a Wing Chun instructional title.

The first part of the DVD provides some basic exercises showing you how to correctly warm up and some flexibility movements. We then move on to stances, with the horse, front, and back stance all given plenty of time for the student to understand their structures. Hand postures and basic applications are also covered, followed by a great section that explains the three body postures, Heaven (long), Human (mid-range) and Earth (close), and how they relate to combat.

Footwork, kicking, and punching are all covered in detail with an excellent depth of knowledge. The solo and partner demonstrations are superb too, with the movements being shown from many angles. You can clearly see that Benny and his team have done their best to make this DVD an actual learning resource as opposed to just some demonstrations of the Shaolin Wing Chun system. The whole thing comes across like an instructional textbook.

It really is difficult to find fault with this DVD, except maybe that the sound could have been a little better. But that is really just nit picking.

If you are serious about your Wing Chun, and especially if you are studying the Shaolin way, then I urge you to check out this DVD. You won’t be disappointed.

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Running Time: Approx. 65 min.
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Review by: James Woodcock


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