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Review – Chuck O’Neill – Wooden Dummy Form

chuck oneill wooden dummy form sections 1 to 8 review

There are as many unique interpretations of Wing Chun’s Wooden Dummy sequence and sets as there are actions within its form. Sifu Chuck O’Neill offers up his unique brand of presenting his teaching methodology through the Wooden Dummy set, as learned from his Sifu Nelson Chan (a student of the late Sifu Moy Yat). Audience members familiar with the carved Wing Chun Kuen Kuit created by Moy Yat will enjoy the translated quotes that appear edited into the introduction segment of this video presentation. Read Full Post

Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection

sifu chuck

As someone who is a Wing Chun fanatic, I am always looking for good DVDs about Wing Chun Chi Sau.  Which is why I decided to get the Sifu Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection. He breaks down Chi Sau in a really clear and easy to understand format.  He speaks to you like you are a normal person, taking you a long step by step.  He also wears different color wristbands to help you determine what is going on. Read Full Post

Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau 2

In Chuck’s own words this DVD aims to build on the Chi Sau 1: Foundations DVD and advance your training. During the DVD you will be introduced to eight traditional Chi Sau techniques. These techniques will give you options to counter various types of attack movements and help to create attacks or counter attacks.

Chuck’s style and delivery is great, he talks slowly and repeats each drill many times with focus on common errors and how to correct them. Each drill is shown from different angles and is also shown both sides—this is something other DVDs fail to do. Other instructional DVDs could learn a lot from watching this title. There is even a written notes section at the end of each drill! Read Full Post