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Review – Austin Goh’s Wing Chun For Advanced DVD

What It’s About:

This DVD explores the advanced form and final form of the Wing Chun system, Known as Bil Jee and the sixteen kicking techniques, Qi Gong and Pressure Point Strikes.


In other reviews given on the web for this DVD, which is the third in Sifu Goh’s, series on Wing Chun Kung Fu, was given three stars out of five as a rating. But I would have to disagree. The only short coming of this instructional piece is that its running time for play back is only twenty-six minutes max. But, if you’re an experienced practitioner in this martial art, you won’t have any trouble in following along or understanding what is done. This DVD is not for the beginner, although one could mimic the moves. However, if your first and second form performance is below par then forget the criticism and practice so more! Read Full Post

Review – Austin Goh’s Wing Chun for Intermediate DVD

What it’s about:

This DVD primarily provides visual instruction in the second form of the Wing Chun system of martial arts, which is known as Chum Ku.


If a student has reached this level of training then the purpose of this form would be clear. It is the form which begins to allow the student to bridge the gap between technique leading to more physical movement and contact with the opponent. Although, some of this is experienced in the preparatory drills and exercises with a partner in the first form, its emphasis is noticeably different. It’s an important form because its structure is built on the Si Lim Tao form and provides the basis for more complex techniques using the elbow and basic kicks Read Full Post

Review – David Peterson’s Siu Nim Tao DVD

Simply stated the “Siu Nim Tau” DVD by Sifu David Peterson is a painstaking labor of love that is a meticulously thorough, in-depth seminar reviewing the revered late Wong Shun Leung’s Siu Nim Tau. Emphasis on the thoroughness of the seminar cannot be overstated. Sifu Peterson spends well over three hours covering theory, modifications, points, applications and the many ideas behind Siu Nim Tau that Sifu Wong acquired through his vast experience with Biemo. The seminar is actually a set of two DVDs: the first DVD covers the first two sections of the form, while the second DVD finishes out the form and then shows a question and answer session, drills and the form itself without commentary. Read Full Post

Review – Gary Lam’s Devastating Chi Sao Crossing Hands System 2

The “Devastating Chi Sao Crossing Hands System 2” DVD by Sifu Lam is a continuation in Lam’s exploration of Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun and focuses on advanced Chi Sao. Sifu Lam classifies the techniques or actions presented on the DVD as level 2. The most important idea behind the DVD is control of the opponent rather than striking the opponent. This is accomplished by use hand techniques, sweeps, kicks and the body itself. Read Full Post

Review – William Cheung’s Wing Chun Kung Fu DVD 2

What it’s about:

The second DVD of this five volume set focuses on the third form of the Wing Chun fighting system. The third form is known as “Thrusting fingers” or “Flying fingers” by many practitioners. “In this DVD, Cheung teaches the Bil Jee form and applications. One-arm Chi Sao, two arm Chi Sao and Chi Sao applications are also covered”


Sifu Oram again narrates the first part of this DVD with a brief introduction about the purpose of the Bil Jee form. He states that during ancient times it was regarded as the most coveted and considered as the most secret form of the Wing Chun system. This form was in fact kept from many Wing Chun disciples considered not deserving of its teaching. This form was designed for close in striking using powerful movements of the hands and arms coordinated with kicks and foot work. Read Full Post

Review – William Cheung’s Wing Chun Kung Fu DVD 1

What it’s about:

A brief introduction of the Wing Chun Linage is given, William Cheung and his association with Bruce Lee, demonstrations of Si Lim Tao and the Chum Kil forms; the first two forms of the Wing Chun fighting system. Wing Chun basics are presented along with defense techniques including drills incorporating empty hand forms and foot work. A basic presentation of a Chi Meditation standing posture, showing the position of the hands with a description of its purpose and relationship to the median acupuncture system and the flow of Chi energy. Read Full Post

Review – William Cheung’s Wing Chun Kung Fu DVD 3

What it’s about:

This DVD covers the use of the Wooden Dummy training apparatus or what is known as the Mook Jong of the Wing Chun system. The demonstration of the Wooden Dummy form is jointly performed by Master William Cheung and Sifu Eric Oram. The Mook Jong form consists of 108 classic movements specific to the Wing Chun system, in this DVD its self-defense applications are shown in eleven training sections. The basic and advanced techniques of the Mook Jong are derived from the Si Lim Tao, Chum Kil and the Bil Jee forms and are integrated into the “traditional system” of Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form as promoted by Master William Cheung. The advanced techniques of the Chi Sao system are also covered, which includes a demonstration of the cross hand Chi Sao training scenario. Read Full Post