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Review – Austin Goh’s Training with the Master DVD

What It’s About:

Sifu Austin Goh, presents a complete training class for martial artists of all levels. This DVD includes basic stretching, kick forms, sparring techniques, applications, breathing exercises and chi sao.


If you were to go to England and worked out at Sifu Goh’s, studio or Kwoon, the kind of training which you would encounter is best shown in this DVD. This production is done in sort of a hand held camera style to give one the feeling “that you are there” with lots of moving frames and at times problems with the sound, at least in the copy that I have. But pictures are worth a thousand words, so in a movie your eyes and internal auditory dialogue have lots to feast on…given the production style of this DVD, you’ll see how intense Sifu Goh, makes his students work! Read Full Post

Review – Austin Goh’s Wing Chun Pole Form DVD

What it’s About:

Sifu Austin Goh, provides basic instruction in the Wing Chun weapons pole form in this DVD. This weapon is generally referred to as the “Dragon Pole,” and is an integral part of the Wind Chun system of Kung Fu.


If you’re looking for a basic pole form, that is relatively short and easy to learn, and with practical applications, then this DVD is for you. Sifu Goh’s DVD demonstrates the pole form and talks about its purpose in striking the six vital points of the body. Read Full Post

Review – Austin Goh’s Butterfly Knives Form DVD

What It’s About:

This DVD provides basic instruction in the 108 “Butterfly Knives Form” of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System.


This DVD presents the basic movements of the “Butterfly knives Form” or Butterfly swords of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. The form is performed by Sifu Goh, in a more or less continuous form style. Critical movements and their Cantonese terminology are presented in titled frames, before each performance. These Chinese or Cantonese terms are given in Pin Yin and English. If you are unfamiliar with the terms in Wing Chun Kung Fu or with the sword form specifically, this will be an excellent DVD, to learn the Chinese terminology correctly. This would be a great learning aid and definite help if you plan on traveling aboard to learn Kung Fu at a Chinese School. Read Full Post

Review – Austin Goh’s Wing Chun Basic Combat DVD

What’s it about:

This DVD provides basic training drills and combat techniques for free fight sparring. Conditioning methods are presented to learn how power and accuracy can be achieved for the arms and legs. Demonstrations are given to show individual attack and defensive situations, as well as multiple attach scenarios.


This is a good basic training DVD if you’re unfamiliar on how to condition yourself for combat or sparring situations. The DVD provides enough material to develop one’s own combat training routine. Various training drills are shown using training equipment for the development of speed and power that can be practiced with a partner. Read Full Post

Review – Austin Goh’s Wing Chun Chi Sao Advanced DVD

What It’s About:

This DVD provides an introduction to more advance Chi Sao techniques beyond the Bong Sao, Tan Sao, Fook Sao and Palm striking sequence. Free form Chi Sao movement in singular and multiple attack situations are demonstrated. And a more in depth demonstration of the Chi Gert leg training sequence is also presented. Read Full Post

Review – Austin Goh’s Wing Chun Chi Sao Basic DVD

What It’s About:

This DVD covers the basic training associated with Chi Sao practice, which includes single and double hand movements. Chi Sao Ring Training, basic hand techniques, with attack and defend applications, as well as showing fundamental movements of Chi Sao leg techniques known as Chi Gert.


There is much criticism associated with the Sifu Goh, Wing Chun DVD training series, some of it is warranted and in others it’s not. Most of the Chi Sao techniques demonstrated in this DVD are done by his students…at times it appears their application of Chi Sao, is not all that polished in its execution. The danger with this is, is that the beginning student might establish bad habits in their practice, which could make the techniques ineffective. Read Full Post

Review – Austin Goh’s Wing Chun for Beginners DVD

What it’s about:

This DVD provides instruction in the first form of Wing Chun Kung Fu, or Sil Lim Tao. In showing the student the basic techniques associated with the first form, warm up and stretching exercises are also given to prepare for strenuous martial arts practice. The conditioning of the arms for impact, is also demonstrated, this style of training is known as Chau Sao. A grading or training syllabus is also given, to show the level of skill a student must achieve to develop a strong foundation in the Wing Chun system. Read Full Post