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Review – Anatomy and Physilology for Wing Chun

Trained in medicine, with a specialty in surgery, Steve Barninger has taught clinical anatomy at two medical schools and served for five years as a county coroner, which has given him a detailed understanding of the realities of human combat.

It is hard to do justice to this excellent, nearly four-hour lecture in a 300-word review, but if you are a fan of WCI’s Dr. Matthew Mill’s column then you will love this. However, if you are the type of learner who finds it hard to concentrate in the lecture hall, then this may not be for you. Read Full Post

Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau 2

In Chuck’s own words this DVD aims to build on the Chi Sau 1: Foundations DVD and advance your training. During the DVD you will be introduced to eight traditional Chi Sau techniques. These techniques will give you options to counter various types of attack movements and help to create attacks or counter attacks.

Chuck’s style and delivery is great, he talks slowly and repeats each drill many times with focus on common errors and how to correct them. Each drill is shown from different angles and is also shown both sides—this is something other DVDs fail to do. Other instructional DVDs could learn a lot from watching this title. There is even a written notes section at the end of each drill! Read Full Post

Review – Darrell Jordan – Home Study: Level 1 Set

This set is the first of a complete home study course. The course is designed for those who live in an area that offers noWing Chun classes and who would like to learn in the privacy of their own home. The course is delivered in the same order just like if you were being taught in a class. Now, it’s not down to me to argue whether this kind of training can be beneficial but to review the content and how it is delivered. Read Full Post

Beware Fake Qwan Din (Quan Dim) Poles

We did a recent search on Qwan Din (Quan Dim), and found several companies selling “quan dim” (also seen as “quam din”, and correctly as “qwan din”) poles. In every case these are 100% fake. One of the companies is selling cheap laminate poles for $89.95. We sell the same pole for <$40 and warn people on the site that they are cheap and break easily. This other company touts them as quan dim wood and of excellent quality. Beware. We found at least 3 companies selling fakes, albeit one appears to just be ignorant as to what Quan Dim is because they list it as Quan Dim and Oak on the same page.

“Qwan Din” (“Quan Dim”) originates Read Full Post

Review – Eddie Chong’s Pak Sau Drill and Advanced Footwork

What it’s about:

Master Sifu Eddie Chong demonstrates and provides the basics of the Pak Sau Drill and advanced foot work in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.


As in all martial art styles there are training drills which are specific to the development of skill for which a system is known for, Wing Chun is no exceptionHowever, training in the basic hand drills in this martial art system are unique, they are designed to provide development in sensitivity as well as sharpening one’s awareness in the application of technique.  Master Sifu Eddie Chong provides an excellent introduction into this training art. Read Full Post

Review – Eddie Chong’s Advanced Chi Sau DVD

What it’s about:

Master Sifu Eddie Chong demonstrates advance training in the Chi Sau of Wing Chun Kung Fu, in two part segments.


Chi Sau training is essential in developing skill in Wing Chun technique and cannot be learned effectively without a skilled teacher.  It’s more than banging and rolling one’s arms with a partner.  That is certainly a crude description of it, however, without patience and consistent training real skill in Wing Chun cannot be achieved. Read Full Post

Review – Eddie Chong’s Yip Man 3 DVD Set

This is a 3 DVD set. Each DVD in the set is reviewed in detail here.

What Disk 1 is About:

Master Sifu Eddie Chong demonstrates the three forms applications of Wing Chun Gung Fu, as it was taught to him my Grandmaster Ip Man.

Comments on Disk 1:

As mentioned this DVD provides instructional material of Wing Chun’s three forms, Sil Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Bil Gee, as what is now often referred to as the “Hong Kong” system as taught by Grandmaster Ip Man.  If you have followed my reviews on the various US and Foreign Masters on Wing Chun, you will notice I have said there are differences in how these forms of the Wing Chun System are expressed. Looking at it strictly from the system represented by Hong Kong, you will notice that some of what Master Sifu Chong does is very close to some of the hands expressed in Sil Nim Tao, as taught by William Cheung.  Read Full Post