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Review – Larry Saccoia – Wing Chun University – Speed And Timing

Crucial to becoming proficient in any martial skill, or personal discipline of any form of artistry, are the correlative elements of speed and timing. “It’s a combination of multiple skills: balance, reaction, coordination, distance, and speed,” opens Sifu Larry Saccoia’s dialogue in this video installment. In particular, it relates on multiple levels of practice and understanding when talking about their relevance to Wing Chun. There are the elements of the physical, of distance, of readiness and reaction, and structure that comprise that spectrum of how speed and timing are relative to each other and their application. The following 53 minutes will move from formula to function through demonstration and application. Read Full Post

Review – Sifus Taner & Graziano – Wall Bag Training Exercises

A staple found in every Wing Chun training environment is the wall bag, a traditional training resource that comes in the form of one, two or three-pad configurations that allow one, “to train in (any) place you can hang a wall bag.” Sifus Taner and Graziano explore this heritage instrument, made uniquely popular by the system to improve one’s overall understanding, practice and conditioning over this concise 34-minute volume. Read Full Post

Review – WCU – Wayne Belonoha – Hand Skills

Hand skills are the preeminent feature of the Wing Chun system and Sifu Wayne Belonoha explores, refines and demonstrates the specifications that develop dynamic movements built with firm foundations. Produced in conjunction with Wing Chun University, this volume, in a series of installments, is very slick in production value with on-screen footnotes relative to the, pun intended, subject at hand. Read Full Post

Review – Chu Shong Tin – 2004 Seminar

The history of Wing Chun continues to be documented, evolve, and written with a greater preservation of accounts and moments with today’s technological resources. None are more important to the martial arts realm than that of videos of patriarchs and figureheads that are/were historical ties to significant moments in the history of their respective art. Such is the case in having an opportunity to see one of Ip Man’s first generation of acclaimed students, who was a contributing individual in the propagation of the system’s successes from its earliest days to present, namely the late Sifu Chu Shong Tin. This video installment is one of the last recordings of the “King of Siu Nim Tau” in which his 50 years of learning, experience and teaching are shared with an abundance of detail and passion. Read Full Post