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Interview – Wayne Belonoha on the Wooden Man

After watching Sifu Wayne Belonoha’s series on Wooden Dummy training in Wing Chun University, I had a few questions regarding how to train on the wooden man. Sifu Wayne granted me this interview and below you will find a wealth of information about wooden dummy training.

Although you have explained many of these details in your video, what would say some of the most important things you learn from the dummy?  From beginner perspective? From an advance perceptive? Read Full Post

Review – Wayne Belonoha – WCU – Wooden Dummy Lessons

wing chun dummy

Wing Chun University offers a wide range of video courses that cover the Wing Chun system from A to Z. For a while now, I have been meaning to check them out, mainly because Sifu Wayne Belonoha’s teachings interest me. You might know him as the gentleman who wrote the Wing Chun Compendium. If you are not familiar with this pair of books, they get into the nitty-gritty of the entire system, explaining everything you could possibly think of to gain a good overview of the system from book format.
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Review – Adam Chan – Pragmatic Martial Arts – Core Self Defense

WCI Review - Adam Chan - full

This is one hell of a big DVD set! It features over 12 hours of lessons on Adam Chan’s Pragmatic Martial Arts Self Defense System. The information provided on this massive set is the culmination of 25 years training and pressure testing with its basis on giving the average guy or girl a fighting chance of surviving a violent assault.

The lessons focus on many subjects ranging from Power Kicking, plus great sections on Evasive Tactics and everything in between. No stone is left unturned and it is clear from the outset that Adam Chan really knows his stuff.

Each DVD in the set follows the same format, which starts with a small demonstration and discussion on basic fighting concepts such as, correct body weapons, range, and the strikes you will be focusing on. You then move on to the Instruction sections where you are taken through a complete breakdown on how to train the techniques correctly. The instructional section ends with some great drills to improve speed, power, and balance. Read Full Post

Sifu Tyler Rea: Lee Bing Choi Linage interview

After watching one of Sifu Tyler Rea’s videos about Lee Bing Choi Linage Chi Sau, I found
myself asking a lot of questions.   If you are unfamiliar with the style, this type of Chi Sau is nothing like “traditional Ip Man” Chi Sau.  If anything, it looks more like Tai Chi Push hands with Wing Chun shapes.

Our response?

We contacted him, asked a bunch of questions, and decided to share his answers with you! Read Full Post

Chi Sau: A Comparison of 4 Lineages

With thousands if not millions of Wing Chun practitioners around the world, it is impossible that every single person fights the same way or uses the same methods to study Chi Sau.  Which lead us to wonder, how do other styles of Wing Chun train Chi Sau?

The goal of this article is to briefly investigate how a handful of lineages of Chi Sau. Clearly there are MUCH more out there, we happened to pick four. Read Full Post

Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection

sifu chuck

As someone who is a Wing Chun fanatic, I am always looking for good DVDs about Wing Chun Chi Sau.  Which is why I decided to get the Sifu Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection. He breaks down Chi Sau in a really clear and easy to understand format.  He speaks to you like you are a normal person, taking you a long step by step.  He also wears different color wristbands to help you determine what is going on. Read Full Post

The Mysterious Methods of Wing Chun

Admin note: Please read this post and chime in with your thoughts! A friend wrote this and we find it quite interesting as it falls in line with our own research on the matter. We want as many thoughts/comments as possible on the subject!

I was talking to a friend in Wing Chun who was telling me about this old woman; she was a Wing Chun grandmaster and contemporary of Ip Man, who took on all challengers and defeated all of them (armed or unarmed) with the 8 Wing Chun methods using just 1-4 movements. This was a mainland version of the art, and in a lineage that has all but died out.

These 8 methods were demonstrated in the swords form, on the dummy, and in empty hand fighting.

Having known that most Wing Chun lineages have 8 sets in the swords form, and having seen 8’s other places in the system (8 methods of kicking for example) I started looking for what these “8 methods” might actually be.

What I found was surprising, and yet not surprising. No one can agree and everyone has different interpretations. Some people have 8 methods, some have 12.  Some have 8 sword techniques, some 8 sword methods, some have 8 sword cuts, and while some have 8 sword sets that have multiple methods and techniques within them. Still others say it is the sword protecting the 8 directions. Read Full Post