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Review – Alan Orr – 01: Fundamental Skills I

WCI Review - Orr BSS1

Alan Orr is a pioneer in using Wing Chun in realistic fighting scenarios. His Iron Wolves MMA team use the concepts of Wing Chun along with grappling to great success. This DVD focuses on the basics of the Chu Sau Lei system and is fully endorsed by Alan’s Sifu and regular WCI columnist Dr. Robert Chu.

So, what is Body Structure Sparring? As Alan explains in the opening of the DVD, Body Structure Sparring is all about understanding power and control, which in turn will allow you to develop your natural sensitivity to a higher level when under pressure.

The DVD continues with an introduction to the Chu Sau Lei concept of Wing Chun, which includes the use of keywords or mental methods, which allow the student not to get bogged down in technique-based ideas. Read Full Post

Review – Sunny Tang – Gong Sau (From VTM’s IWS Vol 11)

WCI Review - Sunny Tang Gong Sao

It is clear from the outset of this “download only” video that it is another sub-standard, seminar footage offering. The video and sound are very poor and this is stated on the website before you purchase, which is a good thing otherwise you could be very disappointed.

So, what about the content itself? To start things off, Sunny Tang gives a quick introduction to his student Jeffrey Chan who in turn goes on to give a description of what Gong Sau actually is. Gong Sau, according to Mr. Chan is physical combat with no protection that usually takes place between practitioners of different styles, mainly to find out whose Gung Fu is the best. It has also been used in the past to settle arguments. Sunny then explains that Gong Sau is not sparring, and is completely unlike training with a compliant friend as your “friend” is unlikely to hit you back. This gets a huge round of applause! Read Full Post

Interview(s) on Kung Fu Tea


Hi guys – check out Aaron’s interview on Kung Fu Tea.

From the intro: When discussing the Chinese martial arts, there is a tendency to focus obsessively on their distant roots and ancient origins.  One of the things that I have always found interesting about Wing Chun is that its more recent history is equally fascinating.  In 1900 only a handful of individuals practiced the style, today it is one of the most popular Chinese martial arts and can be found around the globe.  This is all the more surprising as many other Chinese martial arts have not fared so well in the transnational marketplace.

What about today?  What sorts of trends do we currently see in the global Wing Chun community?  Where is the art headed next? Aaron Cantrell has his finger on the pulse of the Wing Chun clan, and he has agreed to sit down and discuss what he has seen with Kung Fu Tea:

Here is the second interview – this time on Wooden Dummies:

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Review – Wayne Belonoha – WCU Lesson 19a: Lat Sao Jik Cheung

The Wing Chun University is a new concept from the team behind Everything Wing Chun. It aims to teach “the entire system” using full, in-depth video immersion courses presented in individual lessons and steps. You can also contact your “Sifu” and ask questions, get videos reviewed, or meet in person to further your education.

First up is Sifu Wayne Belonoha’s Complete Ving Tsun System course. Sifu Belonoha is the author of the bestselling Wing Chun Compendium series of books, and a regular columnist of Wing Chun Illustrated. Read Full Post

Review – Ip Chun’s Wooden Dummy Techniques & Applications

I usually start my reviews with a brief introduction about the Sifu who is presenting their material to us. However, with Grandmaster Ip Chun this would be a waste of time because if you haven’t heard of Ip Chun, then you must have been living on a different Wing Chun planet!

First up we get a typical introduction to the Wing Chun history and legend, complete with the obligatory Bruce Lee connection. However, things improve in the following sections with a complete demonstration of the Wooden Dummy form from different angles, which was a great way to open the learning part of the programme. Read Full Post

Review – Benny Meng’s Shaolin Wing Chun Series Level 1 Vol 1

Benny Meng is the curator of the Ving Tsun Museum in Dayton, Ohio. He trained under the Moy Yat lineage to Sifu status, then trained under Ip Chun and Ip Ching.

The DVD starts off with a slideshow introduction to Benny Meng’s achievements and his martial arts journey (so far). He then describes what the DVD is designed for, which is to assist active students in the Ving Tsun Museum syllabus and to provide support to quality instructors. Read Full Post