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Dangerous Wing Chun Swords form Longquan.

Here is a good article warning about some cheaply made and dangerous swords currently coming out of China.

From :

“A Longquan sword maker is selling Bat Jom Do on eBay as “lqyanggu”. I suspect this the retail website:

These swords are dangerous to the user! They look pretty but are very poorly constructed! Do not buy these if you value your fingers and eyeballs.The blade is not securely attached to the handle, and the handle is actually hollow. This is hidden with the cord that wraps the handle, so you won’t even notice this critical flaw until they snap in half and you impale yourself. Read Full Post

Good Article on the History of Baat Jarm Dao / Hudiedao.

I just wanted to mention a great read on the history of BaatJarmDao /Butterfly Swords /Hudiedao. Our friends at Kung Fu Tea did a great job with this article and we recommend you go take a look:


Review – Lee Man Hung – Ving Tsun Kung Fu

Lee Man Hung is a master of the Ving Tsun system under Tommy Yuen Yim Keung’s lineage. Sifu Yuen was one of Wong Shun Leung’s four eldest disciples.

At the start of the DVD, we get a quiet demonstration of some Ving Tsun methods. And, quiet is the first thing that I can say about this video. There is no annoying music, no posh English narration—nothing. Just Lee Man Hung talking you through each exercise (in Cantonese with English subtitles). This is a good thing—sort of. Read Full Post

Review – Joseph Lee – Attack and Counter Attack

Joseph Lee trained and taught in virtual anonymity for the past 20 years, and it is only recently that Lee has stepped out from the shadows to share his unique knowledge. Lee moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 15 and continued his training before finally meeting and starting his training under Grandmaster Lee Shing, under whom he continued to train for the next 20 years until his master’s death.

The focus of the DVD is on the attack and counter attacking skills of Wing Chun. After a short introduction, we are into Bong Sau and Lap Sau—the first of many chapters on this 75-minute DVD. Read Full Post

Review – Sifus Taner and Graziano – Chi Sao Section 1

First impressions of this DVD are a bit amateurish, mainly because of the one camera recording and lack of editing. But, as I sat back and began to take note of the material being taught, I instantly changed my mind.

Taner and Graziano have recorded a DVD that is jam-packed with details, so no more demonstrations that you just simply follow along blind. What you get is fine points on structure, position and application—all delivered mainly by Sifu Taner with Sifu Graziano chipping in with some excellent key points. Naturally, we get a break down of Bong, Tan and Fook Sao, but with emphasis on feeling, forces, and correct hit lines, coupled with information on when, why and where to use these techniques. And, they are also keen to explain that this is only how they do Wing Chun, which shows great humility. Read Full Post

Everything Wing Chun Butterfly Swords Guide

This post is intended to to help you decide which series/model of Wing Chun Butterfly Swords to purchase.  This guide is intended to be used for Everything Wing Chun’s (EWC) line of Butterfly swords, although it may have some value to you as a general guide (just keep in mind that because EWC only makes high quality swords, most of the steels, construction methods, and designs discussed won’t be found on other swords currently on the market, especially the standard Asian manufacturer’s swords).

Please note there is also a more detailed 9-part article on the swords available on our blog here. If you want more details on Butterfly Swords for Wing Chun, please check it out.

You can find all these Limited Edition swords and more at Everything Wing Chun’s Butterfly Swords Page.
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