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WCI Review – Jonthan Petree’s Complete Wall Bag Training

Building the right skillsets requires the right tools for the job. The Wing Chun wall-bag, although not exclusive but universally trained in the system, is a fundamental and essential training implement that never ceases to provide the practitioner the platform to continue to build strong structures, techniques, and coordination in developing strong punching power.Here, Sifu Jonathan Petree works the audience through eight chapters of insights and practice, with a tool that can easily turn any space, anywhere into an impromptu practice space, or for the school environment. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Ian Protheroe’s Saam Sing Jong DVD

A traditional training apparatus that has roots in many Chinese Gung Fu styles is the Saam Sing Jong, translated as “Three Star Dummy,” is broken down, explored, and worked with Sifu Ian Protheroe at the helm of this instalment. Bringing over two decades of practising and teaching this scarcely practiced method of developing an aspect of one’s footwork and kicking capacities, this live-seminar presentation is straight and to the three points. For a short and sweet continuous 33-minute runtime, the audience is provided information that covers the necessities for practical understanding and application from post-to-post. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Anthony Caucci’s Kai Sai Chin Na Instructors DVD

With the likelihood of random violent attacks in the world’s urban centres becoming more frequent and extreme, there doesn’t leave much room for an honourable finish to an altercation. This is especially true when the danger of an unseen secondary or tertiary attacker exists. One must be able to control and/ or finish their opponents off decisively through rendering any of their physical weapons useless. Sifu Anthony Caucci shares his Chin Na training methods to meet the demands of settling the opponent and the score throughout the one-hour runtime of this video volume. Settle in and focus on tweaking your Wing Chun. Read Full Post

Review – Wayne Belonoha – Blu-Ray Set – Complete System

How does one go about taking on the challenge of compiling a complete discography covering the entire Ip Man Wing Chun system? Sifu Wayne Belonoha submits a comprehensive overview through nine Blu-rays covering more than 13 hours of information and demonstration of Siu Nim Tau, Cham Kiu, Biu Ji, Wooden Dummy, Long Pole and Butterfly Sword forms. This review takes on the challenge of breaking it down for our readers. Read Full Post